Aida Zabidi
Sometimes we get comfortable. 

We get to a point where life is easy and predictable and we become rooted in certain things that become our centre. 

It is easy to be rooted in certain things. 

Easy to get used to routines that make the day, from the mindless preparation of going to work to the simple everyday tasks that make up the day, that fill the time in such a way that the day seems to pass by in the blink of an eye. Easy to spend the day in the comfort of the same people, day in and day out. 

Time has a tricky way of passing by very fast, and sometimes it is your life that passes by very fast. I cannot imagine letting life pass me by, cannot imagine my world being centred around the same things for long. 

Deep down there still lies that longing for adventure and unexplored horizons, a need to walk down uncharted paths and taste other cultures. 

I hope that life never becomes routine, that each day still holds fulfilment and a continuous appreciation for life. 

The world is too vast not to explore.
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