Aida Zabidi
When my sister comes back every so often, my two-year old nephew usually sleeps with my parents. It's become a routine for him to wake up in the middle of the night to ask for milk, and usually my dad will bring him downstairs to make him a fresh bottle.

Recently he woke up, and per routine my dad took him to the kitchen to make him a bottle of milk.

My dad must have been sleepy, because my two year old nephew felt like the milk was too hot, and told my dad, "Tok yah (grandfather), this milk is hot."

"No, it's warm."

"No Tok Yah, it's hot."

"No, it's warm."

Obviously frustrated by my dad's reticence, my nephew indignantly called him by name, "Zabidi! This milk is hot!"

That sure woke my dad up and as he diluted the milk with some water, my nephew then cheerfully declares, "Now this milk is warm!"
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    whoa, granpa.

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