Aida Zabidi
The strongest steel is forged from the hottest of fires. 

That is what I tell myself when the going gets tough. 

Life is always full of challenges. There is always something that will make you grit your teeth in frustration, be in a trying work colleague, dealing with bureaucratic matters, trying to juggle family life – but I always thought that God would never give you a challenge that you didn’t have the mental fortitude to overcome. 

The most highly regarded apostles of religion were the ones who were tested the hardest. The most successful individuals had the most grueling of trials. Sometimes it seems like those who are the loveliest people are put through such difficulty in life. 

Nobody every promised life was going to be fair, but every bump on the road is slowly building you up to be someone you have yet to become. 

When the mountain looms up against you, just take a step back and take a break. Take it one step at a time, and identify the moments that you are struggling with and accept that it is a journey that we all have to take at our own time.

Just reach out and understand that it is okay to struggle, that we are not expected to attain perfection, that there are times where we cannot do it alone. 

It is a road we will all take.

Just find that strength inside.
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