Aida Zabidi
When a friend suggested we try out the new coffee joint in SS15, I wasn’t expecting much – a cup of halfway decent hot chocolate in the very least. 

Parking is a negative as it usually is for SS15, but being slightly further away than the concentration of shops helps ever so slightly. 

Cosan’s is a beautiful, well-lit corner shop just behind the market area. Beautifully built with wooden panelling, with its name up in bright lights, the mix of low tables and different cushioned chair adds a certain homey-ness to the place, as opposed to the cookie cutter minimalistic interior that’s so common in a lot of places now. Lighting inside is a bit romantic, and rather reminds me of a log cabin. 

There’s a big range of coffees and teas, as well as shakes and hot chocolates for us non-coffee drinkers. They also have decent range of sandwiches and cakes for those who might want something a bit more filling than just coffee. 

I tried the mint hot chocolate – and I love it! Ever had an After Eight? This tastes like they melted the freaking After Eight after dinner mint into hot chocolate, and it’s so good! Their Earl Grey hot chocolate is also rave-worthy, with that beautiful blend of Earl Grey and chocolate. Who would have thought it would taste so good? 

Mint hot chocolate love!
Cosan’s offers their own roasted coffee blends called Equerre (which is slightly more bitter) and Carreau (apparently more fruity). I can’t comment on their coffees myself – the irony of writing about a coffee place when one doesn’t actually drink coffee – but my friends did say very positive things about their coffees, so I assume they must be as good as the hot chocolates were in any case. 

I loved the smoked duckling sandwich – although I may be biased as I really am a fan of duck in general, but I loved the soft, slightly chewy texture of the bread and the fact that we get to pick the type of bread you want for your sandwich (seems like a small thing, but I love being able to make that freaking choice) and the blend of sweet and tangy flavours that they used in the sauce. 

Overall, drinks range from RM11-15, with sandwiches hovering around RM12-15. Tax is already included, so no sneaky surprises when you get your bill! 

I like the overall feel of this place, and the staff are really lovely. It’s a great comforting vibe to sit and chill with friends. Tap water is complimentary and easily accessible at one of the corners, which is a practice that should be a standard in all cafes! Of equal importance, bathrooms are clean and well maintained. 

Definitely one of my new favourite haunts! 

Cosan’s Coffee is at No 30 (Ground Floor),
Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs (10am-12 midnight), Fri-Sat (10am-2am)
Phone Number: +603-5612 9600 
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