Aida Zabidi
Melbourne is full of lovely places to walk through, even nearby the city. 

Fitzroy Gardens in such an example, located just off the central business district down Wellington Parade, a garden reserve set aside in 1848. It’s within walking distance from Flinders Street, and is wonderful way to spend a few hours in the afternoon or on a weekend. 

I have fond memories of this beautiful gardens, from the expansive elm trees lining the walks with dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, providing welcome shade from those moments where the sun gets a bit too harsh. On a weekend the gardens are bustling with joggers or people taking a leisurely stroll, although it never does feel too crowded. 

The conservatory is a delightful feature within the gardens, modelled after Spanish style architecture, and is particularly pretty when the flowers are in bloom. Flower displays change several times a year, according to season. There’s an emphasis on fountains inside, and there’s just something about walking into the conservatory in the middle of winter and being greeted with the strains of classical music and a slightly warmer atmosphere. 

Captain’s Cook cottage is also part of the area, although this does need a fee for entry. It is a picturesque addition to the garden, and a great spot to stop by for history buffs.

My favourite would probably be the fairy tree, a tree carved with fairies in the middle of the garden. This revokes memories of childhood, and as a child, my fertile imagination would probably have conjured up many romantic stories of magic and little folk if I had come across this tree as a child. 


 For more information about the Fitzroy Gardens, please click here.
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