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It seems like the conflict is never-ending, and despite the world finally waking up and opening its’ eyes, there seem very little that one can do about it. The conflict has been ongoing from years, from the meddling of international powers leading to the displacement of the Palestinians from their land. The ramifications of this action are long and complicated, especially with new generations of people who have settled and are calling Palestine-Israel home.

Media propaganda often paints the Middle East with a tainted brush, but nothing is more disproportionate than the reporting of Israel and Palestine at things. I often wondered about the truth of the situation, but having heard personal accounts of those who have been to Palestine and Israel, I am less likely to believe mainstream media. This beautifully written article just proceeded to cement the thoughts I had about the whole situation.

Hamas is too often used as an excuse to wage violence on Palestine, and the return violence is often overcompensated and affects civilians in this wake of aggression. Like so many cases, innocents are caught in the crossfire of war.

It was in the cover of Ramadhan where this latest siege started, in a holy month under the guise of three kidnapped Israeli teens, while Israel proceeded to launch a media onslaught and disinformation that would incite the fires within the Zionist movement. The disturbing call for genocide by Ayelet Shaked is a insight into the foundation that the Zionist government has set unto the Israeli people, and this is seems further emphasized with the seeming indifference, or even worse, a growing hatred of some of its citizens to the death and destruction that is currently raining down on Palestine.

The recent strike goes beyond the occupation of Palestine. This is a matter than goes beyond religion, beyond politics. While war is being waged on many different names, the fact is that citizens are receiving the brunt of things. Hospitals are being targeted. People are dying in the streets from missile fire, from cold, from hunger. 

This is a human rights issue, and many people have stood up to voice out against these atrocities. Do not confuse Zionism with the Jews, as evidenced by the other Jews who have spoken up and protested against the issue. Public figures have spoken up in condemnation, like this British MP, Stephen Hawkings and George Galloway, while a majority still throw their support behind Israel. Interestingly enough is the differing information regarding the source of the rocket fire, and the claims of country with affected citizens - deliberate misling of an already muddy situation or irresponsible reporting, is hard enough to differentiate. Protests are ongoing worldwide at the current situation.

What can we do?

Will we become desensitized as we are assaulted by frequent images of dead children, people bleeding and torn to shreds by rocket fire or military brutality? Will we turn our heads and become sick of the continued news

For those who have faith, there is always prayer. It costs nothing, and perhaps for some of us, it is all that we have to contribute. Pray for peace and salvation, for the halt of the violence, for governments to open up their eyes to the ongoing brutality.

For those who seek knowledge, continue to learn and share the things that you have found. Do not seek to incite more, but seek to understand for the sake of the everyday people, innocent civilians who are caught within this conflict, in a situation where aid may not reach and in a situation where lives hang in the balance. Seek to understand the situation, and to make your own decisions; not just to follow blindly. It is the very least we can do.

For those who want to donate, there are these options in Malaysia:

There are other organizations and other channels, including the SMS donation that has been going around, although I do not know about the legitimacy of most things.

We do what we can to the best of our abilities. We keep our eyes open, and we bear witness to these atrocities. It is in these situations that it becomes essential to play whatever part we can, as small as it may be. 
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