Aida Zabidi
I hit the three series this year.

Yes, the dreaded thirties - a transition to the new age bracket that marks a new start to adulthood. No more can I convince myself that I am secretly young enough to ignore the responsibility of adult life the way I used to when I was still in my twenties. No longer can I pretend that my teenage years and high school really wasn't too far away.

Turning a new decade always brings about an evaluation of life - what exactly one has achieved.

To be honest, I had the same insecurity that probably a lot of women undergo - as an unmarried career woman, I did question my current state of singledom and the thought of starting a family. I did worry about my career, having started a bit later than most of my peers, which meant in the job ladder I was probably behind them just a little bit. I did worry that I wasn't so motivated that I already had my career planned out and was starting to apply for masters programs, or to do private papers, or the like. On a superficial level, it seemed like my life was at a point where I was just in transit. 

However, I realize that despite all that seemed lacking from everything that society perceives as success, I've never been happier.

I am content. 

I wake up every morning feeling blessed that I have everything that I do, that I have a strong family ties, and I am surrounded by strong friendships. I have found a man I can see myself spending the rest of my life with and it is a relationship that we both actively work on together. I go to work looking forward to the day ahead.

I believe these small blessings are precious, and that turning 30, I realize that perhaps I do not need the successes society clamours for.

We all need to find our own happiness. And at this point, I feel blessed for mine.
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