Aida Zabidi
I have doubts about the implementation of hudud in Malaysia, especially regarding the law of amputation. I'm not entirely clear how these punishments were carried out back in the day, but with the recent discussion regarding the proposal of doctors directly being involved with the amputation has brought the issue to the forefront for a lot of doctors.

As doctors, we practice by the Hippocratic Oath, part of which is the concept of do no harm, even when instructed to. The thought of being the executioners per se, of a law in place is something that needs to be thought about and discussed between authorities and health practitioners. I find it a difficult concept to struggle with, the concept of being out an executioner instead of a healer - and it was with some relief to read about the MMA's president's disagreement regarding the appointment of doctors to carry out the amputation. However, it is still something that needs a lot of discussion regarding the actual implementation of the process.

While I believe the idea of hudud is fair and just, I have my doubts of the practicality of the implementation of this system. If a system is still corrupted enough where bribery happens and people in power are protected, I don't believe we are capable enough of implementing such a law.

Actual hudud works on the concept that the individuals carrying out the law are fair and just Godfearing individuals - of good moral and religious standing. With elements of corruption, what is the possibility of the system being twisted to other means - and the effect on the life of another is severe enough. Everyone wants to be Godfearing, but what if the ones who are supposed to uphold the law are the ones who do not fear God?

We are a long way from there and discussions like this and this gives me heart that everyone is trying hard to look at the different avenues of the issues involved.

For the moment, I don't think we're there yet - there are bigger things to tackle. If corruption still runs rampant within the country and even normal laws are being flouted, where justice is selective within certain classes of society, we are not yet at a point where implementation is going to be just.
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