Aida Zabidi
Sometimes the trials of being in an adult relationship is difficult. 

Nothing seems more difficult than trying to integrate oneself with another family. No matter how independent I have become, or how much I have grown into adulthood, there is still that feeling of awkwardness which seems to persist when I meet parents. 

I have never been particularly good with crowds or authority; there is always this remnant of restlessness and not knowing what to say. The invisible barrier between separation of your peers and those you consider your seniors seems to be fairly prominent at times. 

Perhaps it is just that with families especially, there are always multiple layers of things unsaid and the uncertainty – to enter the lives of a separate family means you embrace the possibility that you will never truly know, or understand entirely, the same way that it would take a lifetime to truly understand another person. The past, and the present, and how it’s been shaped so the present is how it is. As an outsider, you will never understand. 

But you hope that sincerity and commitment will ease the way and that you remember that the common denominator, a person that both sides mutually love, is the glue that will help to bind the relationship together.
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