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My sister and I caught side of some unusually bright lights in our neighbourhood area as we drove on the overpass over Federal Highway. “Maybe it’s a new food place, suggested my sister – and true enough, as we made a random detour to satiate our curiousity, SS19 has a new food outlet. 

FIQS Gastronomy is a mouthful at first glance, but the name belies the simple , warm interior that embraces the concept of an open kitchen. Signs on the tables warn patrons that the inside atmosphere might get a little hot as temperatures start rising in the kitchen. There is an outside area with ample seating, with room that suggests possible expansion in the future. 

The open kitchen concept.

Staff were quick and friendly, while the menu is a decent mix of options, mostly ranging on pastas and Western dishes. Mum tried their ribs, and the flavour was good, the meat came off the bone easily and she especially liked the portion, which is a bit smaller than a place like Tony Roma’s, but for smaller eaters like mum and I, it means we have room for dessert! My sister’s pasta was delicious, although I’m not a fan of fried crispy duck, which is always a bit salty for me, but the pasta itself was yummy. I loved my gnocchi, which is actually an entrée, and while I couldn’t quite place my finger on the flavour of the sauce, it was delicious. 

The parents and their food.
Gnocchi (entree).

My favourite part was probably dessert, and we tried both the Baked Alaska and the smores. Smores were decent, but could have been more gooey, although I think they were trying a deconstructed approach, but nothing quite beats the stickiness of melted marshmallows, chocolate sauce and biscuits that original smores offer. 

Their baked Alaska, however, was absolutely mouthwatering – the meringue was nicely set off by the citrus of the underlying passionfruit, and the base of the dessert was chewy instead of the usual crunch. Favourite bit of the lot, hands down. Looking forward to trying their other desserts as well! 

Baked Alaska
Prices are decent, mains hovering around the RM20 mark, and the menu offers enough for variety, I think they have a slightly different menu for lunch, and are looking into expanding to other options when the time is right. 

You can find them here – they don’t take reservations, so be prepared to fight for a place in cue on peak nights! 

Fiqs Gastronomy 
No 34 Jalan SS19/1D 
47500 Subang Jaya
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