Aida Zabidi
We went to the Orchid Conservatory at the Majestic Hotel for high tea yesterday, a joint celebration for my aunt and my sister’s birthdays (and graduation) respectively. My mother loves orchids, and we thought it would be a really enjoyable experience to have tea there. 

The Orchid Conservatory is very small, and only seats a maximum of twenty – the first time I tried making a booking, it was booked out a month in advance, so anyone who might be interested in the experience should be prepared to wait! 

One goes purely for the ambience - the moment you step in you're greeted by a cold blast of air and a room full of light and colour, rows and rows of orchids in varying colours around the whole room. The roof is see through, and I suppose the room and temperature is designed as such so the orchids can thrive. It really does have a feel of an outdoor cafe in autumn, or perhaps some place like Cameron Highlands.

They serve a mixture of sandwiches, hot savouries, scones and desserts, depending what the chef whips up for the day, with a pot of hot tea. While the servings were bite sized finger foods, they were surprisingly filling. The food was of expected quality from a place like the Majestic, fresh, well flavoured and delicious. I liked the lamb sandwich in particular, but I’ve always had a soft spot for lamb. The marinated chicken was also fantastic, as were some of the other savouries. 

Scones were lovely with jam and cream (although mama reckons she could probably one-up them on this front), but they were a little bit dry. In retrospect I should have asked for extra cream and just slathered it on. Their desserts were probably my favourite, but it really depends on what the dessert chef comes up for the day. We had gorgeous chocolate tarts, a mango shortcake, raspberry cheesecake and pavlova, among other things. 

My only gripe would be the fact that you can’t really choose your tea – I would have preferred a choice of teas to choose from, as opposed to the tea of the day, which was a black tea. It would have made the experience much more personalized. 

Definitely an indulgent experience. Mama loved the place so much she was already trying to figure out if she could host an event in the hotel so she could come back and use the room again. Heh. 

I would definitely recommend the Orchid Conservatory. There's something very beautiful about the place, and the intimacy of the space makes it a very peaceful experience - perfect for intimate gatherings for special occasions.

With the birthday girl! <3 br="">

No.5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, Kuala Lumpur 50000, Malaysia
+6 03 2785 8000+6 03 2785 8000

Hi-tea session: 3pm – 6pm
Price per pax: The Tea Lounge (RM48++) 
Atrium at Colonial Cafe (RM48++) 
The Drawing Room (RM68++) 
The Orchid Conservatory (RM88++) 

Parking: RM10 per entry (pay at lobby, and they give you a keycard for the exit) 

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