Aida Zabidi
It’s a fine line between love and hate sometimes. 

One just as fine between passion and commitment. One obviously does not equal the other, for isn’t it easy to love something with all your heart but make no commitment to it whatsoever. 

There are times where you love, just because you know the likelihood that that love will never be returned, but you love because you cannot help it, because your heart has decreed it so. There are times when you yearn from afar, and burn with a longing that you know you will never be fulfilled. Heartsick. 

You could have committed, but you did not dare, and chose to continue loving an ideal, a whisper of a love that could have been. You chose to fade with the shadows, and let your heart fade. You did not dare to make that commitment, despite the fact that your heart sang every time she crossed your path, but while you could have thrived, you chose to dim your life force.

A curse. 

To love silently, never letting the other know. 

Just because you did not dare to cross that line.
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