Aida Zabidi
I remember how we used to talk until late in the night, looking at the moon and the stars. Just you and me in the car with the engine running at the end of the night, both of us reluctant to make the move to leave. And hence I learned the heart of a romantic, and how it felt to break it. 

I remember how you picked me up when I was broken and at my lowest. How you slowly sutured back the pieces of that shattered heart and presented it back to me with that shy smile on your face. How things made sense, and were comfortable, in that easy rhythm that seemed to come so naturally to us. So I learnt what it felt like to depend on someone, and to have someone shoulder a burden alongside me. 

I remember your humour and your sarcasm, your sweetness before you became jaded. You had big dreams, and you weren’t afraid to dream. I remember holding you back as you hit rock bottom, hoping against hope that I could be an anchor of sorts. So we weathered the storm. And I learnt what it was to anchor. 

I remember how my heart used to beat whenever I saw you. Silly woman I would tell myself, a little bit too old for girlish infatuation. But my heart did not listen, and would flutter whenever you showed up, and I slowly had to acknowledge my feelings and grew in that knowledge. 

Love is like a ship, and I go in with the thought that the weather will be unpredictable, with raging seas or calm waters. 

With you, I remember all sorts of things and who knows where else we may sail together. I can only hope we navigate these waters together to the best of our abilities.

The trials of the past have made me a better sailor.
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