Hammam is probably the most indulgent place you can ever go. Inspired by Turkish baths, the genius minds behind the concept of Hammam currently have two outlets in Klang Valley. I’ve been a fan for the longest time, so when I found out my bestie had never been, we went for some pampering goodness. 

I prefer the Publika branch, because the actual place is so much bigger, which means the likelihood of getting a booking (when you’re a last minute person like myself) is very much improved. Their signature package is the ‘My Favourite Concubine’ package, which includes the Hammam and Grommage, the Moorish body polish and an aromatherapy massage, which we opted for. 

You’re given your own locker to put your stuff away in and you key in your own passcode, which gives you the added peace of mind. We were given disposable undies (top and bottom) and were introduced to our bath lady, Nadia, a Moroccan lady who used to work in the hammams back home. 

The bathing rooms are all heated marble, and it’s so lovely to lie down and enjoy the warmth as they apply the black soap, which has an olive oil base and is excellent for moisturizing. We also got the option to add in henna to our treatment, which helps with the amount of dead skin exfoliated during the grommage. 

This is the bath area in BSC, the one in Publika actually has individual marble slabs. The steam is not too excessive, but nice enough to feel like you're getting a little bit of pore action going.

This is the part when you have to ditch any shyness that you have – some of the rooms have 4-5 slabs, which means you might not be alone in your semi-naked glory (although Publika has better options for more private rooms). Also, the bath ladies really do wash you – after awhile my bestie and I just thought screw it with the disposables and just sat around naked. LOL. 

After the wash, they do the grommage, which is an exfoliating treatment – we were told that you could get up to 15g of dead skin scrubbed during the treatment, and man, do they scrub! They use a scrubbing mitt, which isn’t as painful as it might sound and whatever was in the black soap definitely works magic, you actually see little chunks of your dead skin just lying around. They even cut up the mitt in front of you after they scrub to reassure it’s only one use. 

After another round of washing you off, you have the Moorish body polish put on, which smells rather exotic. This is a volcanic clay based polish which apparently has moisturizing properties, and you get left for 5-6 minutes for it to absorb into your skin (and in my case for me to enjoy the heated marble). After that, it’s back to a third round of washing, where they shampoo your hair for you with this lovely rose scented shampoo. You don’t get more indulgent than someone actually bathing you. 

In between before waiting for your massage, we were led to the waiting area, where we kicked back on these huge four poster beds and were served Moroccan tea and baklava. Score! 

The waiting area after all that washing!
 After all that indulgence, the massage really is just the icing on the cake. We got the couples room, which is absolutely beautiful, and the masseuses are very well trained in ensuring you’re always properly covered and are warm and comfortable. 

Overall, it’s a lovely spa experience – and while at first glance, the price seemed a bit of a shock, it is actually comparable to single massages at hotel spas, whilst the service and the value of the packages make it more affordable. The My Favourite Concubine package was RM315, but you could opt for a package of 12 which would make it RM250 per session with a 15 minute extension of your massage with the option to share the package with your friends and family. 

Hammam Publika 
Publika Shopping Gallery 
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