Aida Zabidi
I know a boy. 

He’s moody, unromantic, and a total workaholic. 

 He’s also nothing short of brilliant, which means he sees things in a totally different way than other people do. It makes things difficult sometimes, having conversations with someone who is thinking about things at a speed that is totally different from your own. 

I can’t help being in love with such a person. 

It’s difficult. 

His intellect, coupled with his tendencies to work himself to death, makes it difficult communicating at times. At times I doubt my ability to match up to what he probably needs - a person who can match him on equal footing on an intellectual scale. I wonder if sometimes we’re talking on two entirely different wavelengths, his brain skipping ahead of mine in his normal way of thought while I chatter on about some other topic blithely in my ignorance. 

I have to trust in our love. 

It is like a lifeline that I cling to whenever I have doubts. At times I have to let myself float and let the tide carry me, and have faith that we will be washed up in the same place – whichever place that we are fated to go, and I can only pray that we are headed to the same place together. 

We are all but single entities in the universe, but we are interconnected in the great web that God has built. 

And if it is meant to be, it will be. 

In this I trust.
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