Aida Zabidi
You gave me a shock when you walked through that door. 

An absolute stranger, but the first time I saw you I saw his eyes. 

Eyes that were identical to those of a previous lover, ones that I'd once stared into for many hours. It was like seeing his eyes transplanted on someone else's face, for they were absolutely identical - from the shape, to the colour, to the way that they drooped slightly at the ends, eyes that crinkled the same way at the edges like the way his did when he smiled.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. I found it hard to look at you and not see him, have the world fall beneath my feet as memories came back about the period of time we'd spent together. Memories of hands linked and walks in the moonlight, of mad love and the taste of tears on my tongue. Surreal to look at you and see someone else entirely. 

I blinked. And it all fell away. 

You were just another person walking into the room, albeit with eyes identical to a man whom I once loved.
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