Aida Zabidi
“Must you rend such big holes in my heart?” she asked exasperatedly, clutching at the trails of her heart in her arms. 

He stopped in confusion, looking at her, not understanding. 

She pointed. Big gaping holes of hurt torn through her heart, leaving behind ribbons of flesh and connective tissue. 

“Did I do that?” he asked. 

“Yes you did.” 

“But how is that possible? I love you! I wouldn’t do that!"

“You’ve never been in love like this have you?” she sighed. “Those who love the most are the ones with the most potential to hurt their lovers, dear one. One has to be more delicate, more careful – because your lovers are the ones who will suffer the most by your careless words and actions. “ 

“I never knew. You mean – the ones I’ve loved in the past?” 

She nodded, her eyes gentle at his naivete. 

He was young, naïve. He would learn. 

 “But you can mend it too,” she whispered. 


“Let me show you.” She drew him close to her and smiled as she handed him her heart. He would learn.
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  1. so deep. love this story ^^

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