Aida Zabidi
A lot has happened from last year to this one; a lot of life changes to be exact. 

The dynamics of my family have changed, from our blissful extended family with the addition of my brother in law, followed by the birth of my nephew, to have them move to another country. The house seems very quiet sometimes without the smiles and laughter of baby A. I can't say I'm ready for motherhood, but baby A really has enriched all of our lives. 

I survived my housemanship and surprisingly seem to have emerged a semi-competent doctor, if what feedback I've received can be of any use. It's strange wearing the shoes of a new promotion but I can only hope that I am able to teach my new housemen something that will stay with them throughout their careers. I never had the luxury of having my senior officers sit down with me, but I have the time and luxury, so part of me feels obliged to teach what little I can. 

I found Behr, who remains crazy irresistible despite all his annjoying quirks. You know you've found love when your man drives you up the wall but you can't imagine life without him at the end of the day. 

I still remain very close to my circle of friends, through the good, the bad and the changes. It's nice to know there are always people you can lean on, and that they've stayed exactly where they still are, as large a part of my life that they have been before.

I always find Ramadhan a time to reflect, and perhaps this time it conincides with a lot more pivotal changes in my life. For better or for worse, I really don't know. Here's to all journeys, no matter how straight or how curved the road may be. May your Ramadhan be a time of reflection and a journey towards your path of spirituality.

May our efforts be acknowledged and our deeds accepted. 
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