Aida Zabidi
"Here, a present!" 

"Ooh presents? Can I open it?" she asked as her fingers curved around the heavy package. "What is it?" 

"My future," he said, with utmost seriousness. 

Her hand stilled in the act of opening the gift. "This is too precious of a thing to give away. Are you sure?" 

"I suppose it is as much as a gift for me as it is for you. I am asking you to share it with me - should you wish to accept it. It is not always an easy gift to bear, but it is one nevertheless." 

She was quiet, idly tracing the outline of the globe. Colours shimmered within, with flashes of light said to be scenes to come, although there were very few who could discern these scenes with their naked eyes. 

"I know it is not something given lightly. We only have so many possible futures, and the ones harvested are carefully chosen from the possibilities that we may have - and to give one away.. well, some couples don't even take that risk at all. Very few trust so easily." 

"You get me wrong - it is not I who trusts too easily, but it is an option to change this future, should you wish to share in it. It is a leap of faith." 

"It could be beautiful." 

"It will be beautiful." 

 She smiled at his conviction. "You are a fool in love. Only a fool would say that." 

"Better a fool in love than a mere fool," he shrugged as he slung his arm over her shoulders.
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