Aida Zabidi
It’s always a strange feeling when an ex tells you he’s getting married. 

How do you react – to have this person you once loved, and perhaps – even considered spending a life together – tell you that he has chosen to settle down with someone, to share his life with this other person. 

I’ve had friends react differently to similar news. Some have found it sad, feeling as if that chapter has finally been closed to them. Some have regret, a tinge of regret towards the things that have happened in the past. Some feel nothing, having already closed that chapter to them. 

I don’t know how I felt at first. 

Surprise mostly. 

We had parted friends, but the last we had spoken he had mentioned her – and made some comment about how he felt he would never be ready for marriage. 

I suppose things had changed, and I was happy for him. 

 If she made him happy, then I was too. 

Our pasts were once entwined, but our paths had diverged so far from each other that often it felt like I was just talking to a memory, of a love that once blazed. I marveled at how much feelings could change once we had closed our hearts to each other. 

If I asked myself honestly, I was happy for him. 

Our pasts no longer had any hold over us, and what was left was merely memories of what once was. Beautiful memories of young love, of promises and tender whispers, of the rock through my storm – but they were all things that once were. 

We were different people now, in different times. 

God bless, dear friend. 

May she bring you the happiness you deserve.
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