Aida Zabidi
My mother is a teacher by trade, but she goes beyond that. 

She remains one of those individuals who are born innately to teach – and everything about her has been exactly that. I am always reminded that there is no end to learning, regardless of how old you become, and that so much of learning is outside a classroom. 

My mother’s students may not always thank her, but I’m certain that they are thankful. 

You see, my mother teaches special education, a job that is often challenging and thankless. Her students may not always have the capacity of mind to appreciate her efforts, and it is definitely not one of the more glamorous areas of teaching. There is no likelihood of fame and fortune for her students, and yet, she has always put in everything in more that she has into their welfare and future. 

The current special education curriculum that government schools are currently using is her program, one modified after a shocked initial foray into special education, in a time where there was no proper set curriculum, and my mother refused to let things continue on the way they are. It was an uphill struggle, but her belief never wavered, and the practical living skills program is now implemented in schools across the country. 

To my mother – happy Teachers Day. 

To someone who has always taught me to try and do the right thing. I can only hope to stand on my two feet with the values that you have always emphasized on, and that I can put as much passion into my job as you have in yours.
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