Aida Zabidi
“I like him,” she announced, with the particular tone she had when she’d thought hard and long about something. 

I quirked an eyebrow at her, knowing that she would elaborate. 

“He reminds me of M, almost socially awkward, and he hovers there not seeming to know what to say, but when he does speak he seems to come off as very smart. And he seems nice. And I think he was making an effort. He isn’t that great at the eye contact thing, is he – he was talking to me but not quite looking at me.” 

“Would have been rather daunting. He was probably out of his comfort zone.” 

“Did you have to drag him to come?” 

I thought about it. “Strangely enough no. I did mention it rather casually, and it wasn’t really a big family thing, but I did mention we were hosting it. He said yes rather casually as well.” 

“There you go.” 

I knew she knew that I wanted that stamp of approval.
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