Aida Zabidi

The air was cold.

She shivered slightly as she walked towards her car, wishing that she had left work a bit earlier. She didn’t realize how dark the area got after sundown and she felt a chill run down her spine. She’d heard a few reports of car thefts around the area. 

Almost there. Good.

She fumbled around her handbag for the keys. The chill was still there. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off, something was not quite right. 

She turned around the corner where her car was parked and almost collided into the man who was looking at her car. He avoided the near collision, but his hand was at her throat before she even registered his face.


She jerked back and sank her teeth into his hand on reflex, using her body weight to break free from his grip He doubled back in pain and she saw the look in his eyes; anger, darkness and a tinge of madness. 

This man would not let her run. 

He was well built. She doubted she could outrun him, especially in work clothes and heels. She almost panicked, realizing that somehow she would have to face this man. Just him and her and the darkness.

Oh God, don’t let me die.

The hot flash of anger was a welcome feeling, anything but that helplessness she had almost spiraled into. She recalled the hours she had spent training in her martial art days, realized she too had a say in her fate. 

Screw this. No way I’m going to be a victim. Reassess. No weapon. He thinks he has me cornered, just because I haven’t screamed.

She saw him advance towards her and coolly assumed a defensive stance, kicking him in the face at the last moment. The feel of her high heel cracking against the bones of his face was almost satisfying. The ugly red scratch swelling across his face started bleeding.

She knew the moment his eyes met hers that he wanted to run. A coward at heart, one who didn’t expect someone like her to produce any resistance at all. He had expected an easy target, someone who would perhaps scream and shout, and that would be that. 

Well, he picked on the wrong lady today.

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