Aida Zabidi
Isn't it strange to look back at your life and realize how far things have gone? To realize how much things have changed. 

 Sometimes it feels as if I can barely recognize the face that stares back at me in the mirror, that the smiling face in the pictures seem like another me, so long ago - with different dreams and expectations, with a different attitude and approach to life. 

I no longer have the exuberance I did in my younger days. 

I always used to be looking for something, waiting for something to turn around the corner - I was always uncertain. I've grown more comfortable with that feeling, and learnt to take with it the small things that I find important. 

Somehow I've grown quieter and more introspective. I tend to hang back and smile at the joy of others, and bask in the camadrerie that we share. I tend to remind myself that it's the journey that we are all taking, not the outcome - and that I should never forget to stop to appreciate the sunset. These things are precious to me. 

Isn't it strange to feel like you're growing into your own skin? 

I look forward to the future. 

Things have changed so much - and I have grown with that change, but such is life. Transient, constantly in evolution - and I look forward to the roads not taken.
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  1. That's life, it goes on..

    Your post reminds me too much of how I've been feeling lately!

  2. Subhanallah. This is the best post of you i have read so far. Dear miss Aida, can i please link your blog to mine? And may i know your twitter ke? U have something in writing. Please keep it up.

  3. Hey Syazana, thank you for the kind words! By all means, go ahead and link up - I don't mind at all.

  4. Salam miss Aida. I quoted this post in my facebook status. I hope you dont mind. Thankssss. Have a nice dayyyy

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