Aida Zabidi
It’s strange how this relationship teeters from the edge of a pole. 

The learning process has been a steep one. I doubt either of us thought we would last this long, this far. That one or the other would develop the feelings we have. That we somehow have settled into that comfortable medium where we’ve managed to partition each other into very specific niches in our lives. 

Yet the same questions remain. The same insecurities. 

Where will we go from here? 

Neither of us is willing to commit to promises that we can’t fulfill. 
Neither of us is willing to commit to a future that we can’t achieve. 

Both of us carry our own responsibilities, and our own insecurities. 

We may not be at the same place at the same time. 

There is always that sliver of hope on the horizon, that somehow our desires will align, but at the moment it is merely a sliver, and the two of us merely two people in love. 

This is a hopeless love. 

But even the hopeless can still dream.
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