Aida Zabidi
You know what I miss? 

That atmosphere. 

That feeling of being free, that thrill of independence, living away from family and being surrounded by wonderful friends. Nothing tastes as sweet as your youth, especially when the future and adulthood seems so far away. 

You can still skip classes, still party till the wee hours in the morning without severe consequences, still spend all day and all night doing nothing and everything. There were times where we would just be clustered in our rooms, our apartments, going back and forth saying hi to each other, pop by for impromptu dinner and end up spending the night in the lull of wonderful conversation. 

If I could bottle it and sell that feeling I would make a fortune. 

I don’t mind growing up. Jobs, responsibility – they were all part of a package that I acknowledged a long time ago. It was a not so distant future, but one that I always put on hold until it was absolutely necessary. 

I don’t regret it. 

 I find work fulfilling. I found love. And I have the amazing support of family and friends. 

I still think back of my student days with a lot of fondness, but you only just remember the good times. I now live the good times.The good times are what you make of it.
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