Aida Zabidi
Working in resuscitation is often a confronting experience. 

Being new to the emergency department, I have slowly, but surely been indoctrinated into the field of spot decisions, which is sometimes very much life and death. 

It has its moments of heart thumping, brain numbing events, but so much of emergency and a lot of medicine really, is the ability to take a step back and evaluate the situation calmly. 

I am always in awe at how calm my specialists are, at how gentle they are with patients, and how the process the information that they have and get to the correct management immediately. I am still able to manage my patients, right up to a certain point, but once more intensive measures are needed, and more invasive procedures to boot, I find myself out of my comfort zone.

I am thankful that I am learning, because one day, perhaps it will be me who will have to make those life-changing decisions, and perhaps one day it will be your parents I am treating. 

May God guide my path, and the decisions I make.
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  2. Hello, Doc! Whenever I have a tough day at the office & people are totally freaking out, I always think to myself: I could be doing Aida's (or Nikster's, or Dad's) job. And then things don't seem as bad.

    True story.

    Incidentally, I've recently been thinking I might have excellent at being a mortician. I'd get to play with make-up AND I wouldn't have to talk to anyone... well, not anyone who would talk back, at least.

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