Aida Zabidi
It is the irony of working in the health service that sometimes you, as the health provider, often tend to put your own health last. 

Working in a situation which is physically stressful, where you are often on your feet a lot of the time, or working on rostered shifts with different timings, where lunch time or dinner breaks are sometimes a luxury that one cannot afford definitely means that you have to ensure that you are resistant enough to weather the changes that your body is put through on a daily basis. 

Being able to take 15 minutes off from your busy shift to run for food is a luxury sometimes, and a very much needed skill. 

Breaking oneself out of the mold to realize that your health is as important as your patients, to take that moment out of the day so you can continue working is a challenge that busy doctors fail to meet. 

We have responsibilities, yes, to our patients, and sometimes looking at the crowded wards it can feel overwhelming. 

However, it’s important to realize that it is also a responsibility to keep ourselves in the best of health as well, because we continue to be health providers. And who treats the doctor when their health fails?
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  1. Other doctors?

    I've heard tell that doctors make lousy patients (:

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