Aida Zabidi
I've just finished a night shift. Spent 7 hours in the operating theatre trying to clear out backlog of cases pending for operations - a task that we know will be unachievable but a much needed try anyway. 

I'm physically tired but my body's natural inclination to wake up whenever the sun comes up has already kicked in. 

I'm sitting at the hospital entrance, sipping a sweet drink to gain back some energy, waiting for you to finish your night shift so we can spend the day together. 

It's a pleasant break. 

The sun is out, the weather is temperate and there's a slight breeze wafting through the air. It reminds me of a seaside breeze, and it makes me miss the beach so badly and reminds me sorely how a holiday would be a welcome break from the long hours of work. 

Everyone still seems to be in that languid holiday mood - their steps are different, less rushed, the clothes seem somewhat newer, the faces more cheerful than usual. 

It's nice, being able to sit back and watch the world go by. It's a luxury I can ill afford these days. 

So I sit and watch, just another stranger on a bench in the bustle of people passing by at the hospital.
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