Aida Zabidi
Last week was our 55th Independence Day. Our hospital has just sent a group of doctors to Dataran Merdeka in anticipation of the crowd. Our emergency department is full. 

At nights like those, we doctors are reminded again that we serve the people of the nation. Not just us, but our fellow co-workers in different departments - the armed forces and the police forces, just to name a few. We have a unique role to play, in the sense that we are part of critical services, part of a workplace where our services are needed twenty four seven, and it is the needs of the public that comes first, not our own desires for a break during our national day. 

To my fellow colleagues - I hope your shift was calm and casualties were far and few. And to my countrymen, may we be reminded of the spirit to give first for the progression of our country, and to question later what our country should do for us.
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