Aida Zabidi
“You’re fatalistic.” 

“I am. I give it four months.” 

We are both blinded by pride, scarred by our pasts. 

I wasn’t meant to love you the way I do. There is a feeling of surrealism about the whole situation, that you could not possibly be mine to love. We were meant to be transient, temporary, a moment in time. 

There are too many references to endings, too many conversations that skirt around the issue of any future at all. 

I know that I wasn’t mean to love you. 

But I do. 

And for the moment, you’re mine to love.
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  1. Since life is made up of many transient moments in time, it's up to us to ensure that each moment is worth adding to the sum total. (Takes off philosophy hat. Puts on pirate hat.) Arr!

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