Aida Zabidi
I can hear my heart beating in my ears. 

The world has shrunk down to just this moment, just you and me and a moment in time, and like all moments in time I am much too aware that this will pass in the blink of an eye and will soon be lost. 

Because moments are like that. Temporary. Transient. 

The logical part of me resists, that fear of the unknown and unplanned holds me back. I do not know where the path will lead and if you will shelter me from the rage of the sea. But just for this moment it’s you and I, and I have a choice to hold on and ride that wave, or let it pass me by.

So I chose to reach out and grab that surf, not knowing where that wave is going to take me, or where our paths will lead.

Because life’s like that. You’ll never know where the sea will take you.
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