Aida Zabidi
Let me cry one last time, cry for the fact that I may never love him the way I love you - let these tears soothe the pain in my heart so I can say my goodbyes to you. If needed, again and again. 

 I read the things you wrote, and I knew they were meant for me - knew those words were the depths of your heart. I knew you didn't know I knew, and yet I read your thoughts. 

I would have never known you had so much hate in you, and so much anger. Despite your peaceful exterior, there was a passion - a well of anger and deep emotion that I could not tap. I knew I couldn't help you. 

And so I chose him, knowing that while I may not love him the way I did you, I could learn to love him for the simple man that he was, knowing that he would lay his life on the line for me. 

 I chose the voice of reason.
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  1. movingon Says:

    i really love this..i could never write this beautiful as u did :)

  2. DeLinn Says:


    I am one of your silent reader and always amazed on your beautiful words

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