Aida Zabidi
Sometimes it feels as if the world I live in is very much driven by consumerism. 

So much of our lives are sometimes driven by the toys that surround us – our state of the art computers, or TVs, our stereo systems, our game consoles – replacements to fill the empty stretches of time and boredom, in an attempt to keep us entertained. 

It almost feels like we are looking for an escape in the fabric of reality. 

I wonder if its just me, or have we lost so many things that are inherent to building relationships and finding meaning to our lives; as technology advances, we become a society that is very much impatient and indulgent – used to getting things instantly – items, information, communication. 

So much so that we ourselves forget that some things come at a much lower pace – built up over days or weeks or years, like the relationships we build with those around us. 

We forget there is more to life than material things. Than the car you drive or the houses you own. 

That the world is fleeting and transitory and that one day, we too will return to earth’s embrace, an earth that we too often ignore in our efforts to chase after the world. 

And when that day comes, perhaps we will wish that we have taken the time to slow down this pace a little bit, to look at the world through different eyes.
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