Aida Zabidi
Even before the strike of twelve midnight yesterday, I’ve had an overwhelming reception – from the sheer number of calls and messages and well wishes, I’m almost taken aback by the response I’ve gotten to turning a year older, but am so, so appreciative of that fact. 

Thank you Whahidah and the whole badminton gang for the surprise birthday celebration – it’s never too early for my birthday indeed, but it’s the thought that was significant. 

Even my work schedule seemed to be conspiring with the stars, I managed to get a couple of days off that even coincided with a public holiday, which meant that I got to organize a big party, something that had been on my social to-do calendar for a while now. 

To the girlfriends who have been there through thick and thin – my life would not have been complete without you girls, you know who you are. For every moment, and every second – thank you. Thank you Adlina for being there for me when I've broken down - you're my oldest friend and I always pray that our friendship will remain strong for many more years to come. To my missing girlfriends, who are separated by oceans or circumstance, I know your hearts are with me as well, and I love you for it.

From the midnight karaoke session with Sarah and Aca, with us girls singing our lungs out and Iyra’s midnight call, it was a wonderfully happy blissful start to my birthday, and the calls that started coming in from friends, even if it was for a quick shout out really put that smile on my face. 

Best moment ever: Getting a huge bouquet of flowers at work from the wonderful E from the UK and probably causing office gossip at hospital – there was absolutely no way to sneak those flowers out quietly considering it was such a massive bouquet! 

Thank you for the thought that went into the gifts that were given; from the wonderfully beautiful prose of Rumi’s Daybook, to the anti-aging skincare that you actually put effort into buying, to the surprise roses at home and treats for indulgent spas and my favourite shoe shop – some gifts made me laugh, some surprised me at how much thought had been put in them; at an age where I thought we were past presents, thank you for actually bothering to take time out to pick something out. 

Met Whahidah and Basyeer for tea after work (I love the effort we made to actually have actual cake on my actual birthday) before heading for the traditional family birthday dinner at Rakuzen. I often wonder how we sisters ended up with our love for Japanese, considering both our parents aren’t the biggest fans – but birthday girls get top picks! :) Even managed to squeeze in a movie at the end of the day with Azrai, who surprisingly has the energy to get up and go after work. 

Thank you everyone for the well wishes, for taking the time out to reach out and send a smile my way. It was very much appreciated and I love you all for it! 
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  1. ardy Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Miss Aida! :)

  2. pudtzy Says:

    Wish I could've been there. Since we became friends there weren't many birthdays that we did not celebrate together... Life, huh?

  3. Thanks loves!

    I wish you could have been here too! I wonder when the next time will be?

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