Aida Zabidi
I never thought that when I met you that you were mine to have. 
 You were always reserved but friendly, unfailingly polite and hopelessly out of my league. I always thought that you were meant for another, someone prettier and more refined than the rough and tumble type that I was. 
I couldn't deny the way you made me feel, how my heart would beat a little faster every single time you looked my way, how you made me blush the first time I met you. I couldn't ignore the way you made my heart soar, but I put it down as a girlish crush and took the utmost care to not seem as if I was another one of those countless girls who were madly in love with you. In my head, somehow I never thought you would look at me the way you did. 
But I guess sometimes, fate has other plans, and despite my reservations, it turned out that your heartbeat echoed mine, and that somehow, you found me as inherently fascinating as I did you. 
I didn't know how many breaths we had together. 
Maybe hundreds. Maybe thousands. 
 I only knew that you were mine right now and I intended to cherish every moment of it.
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