Aida Zabidi
Oh beautiful full moon, in the bejeweled sky.

You stayed so long this time, lingering as if you were loath to leave the sky, even as dawn began to break over grey stormy skies, you stayed as if to show off your beauty, your silver glow.

You must have been vain, for why else would you linger so – except to show off your beauty to those among us who are late to rise, and early to sleep and who would not see you otherwise? Why else would you light up so brightly in the dusky skies of dawn?

I know you wanted me to admire your beauty, and admire it I did, and I watched in silence as you glowed so brightly in those last few moments before being swallowed up by the day.

I knew you were waiting for me.

A reminder swallowed up by the sky.
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  1. ardy Says:

    This is beautiful.

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