Aida Zabidi
Dear heart,
No father should ever have called his child those names, and it seems like poor consolation that the only thing I can say is that perhaps it was merely in the heat of the moment that he let loose his tongue.
Should he have?
Absolutely not, and it may be difficult to forgive, much less to imagine that he still loves you the way that a father loves his child, but arguments blow over, emotions wax and wane, and perhaps, when the heat of the moment dies down, both of you can start rebuilding those bridges again.
I know naught about the situation you’re in, but I can only offer my support.
Needless to say, you do not deserve any of those names he called you, regardless of the provocation, because the words of a parent cut deeper than they can imagine, and those words should be used with caution. You did not deserve any of it.
I suppose we have come to the realisation that parents make mistakes as well. Sometimes it seems like we're forced to live in a whole different universe, looking in at some strange, surreal nightmare that cannot quite be your life, and yet it is. 
I am here, for what little help I can give, if you need me.
My prayers are with you.
Strange that so many of you that I am closest to are forced to endure such difficulties in your family lives, and difficult that I cannot do more about it.
I am, after all, only your friend. I am only looking in from the outside.
But if you want me to reach in, for what little I can offer, I will.
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