Aida Zabidi
Obesity is turning into a bit of an epidemic, even in our sunny shores of Malaysia. 

What's scary is the fact that we've become so immune to things that we've accepted it as part and parcel of our lives - but it's not something that should be accepted so readily. Weight is something that goes beyond personal constructs, something that goes far beyond the superficial aspect of appearance. 

I find it disturbing that so many of my friends are in their mid-twenties and already overweight, or obese. Many become complacent, blame it on work, lead unhealthy lifestyles and do not exercise - and then query why they're overweight! 

It's not acceptable. 

Being obese puts an individual at higher risk of many diseases that can very well be preventable or at least well controlled - hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and an increased risk of heart attacks. 

No one expects you to look like the Next Top Model, but in the very least, please aim so that your body mass index (BMI) is within a healthy range. 

Let's do a test - calculate your BMI (your weight in kilograms divided by your height in metres squared), or you can just use one of those online calculators that seem to be floating around in cyberspace. 

While there are limitations to using BMI as a guide for a healthy weight, it's a reasonable guide for your weight. If your BMI falls below 18, or above 25, you should be concerned. 

We should take time out to evaluate where we are in our lives, and the little steps we can make towards better health habits. 

After all, I'm sure no one wants to get a heart attack in their 30s. :)
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