Aida Zabidi
I have a confession to make. 

I have always been very health oriented - this has reflected in my choice of career and my lifestyle, among other things. I have always seen health as something that is all too precious, something that we seem to take for granted so easily. 

Sometimes I can be slightly harsh towards those who are on the unhealthy side, but it's tough love. It's a concern to me that so many of my friends have started piling on the pounds, especially as we progress through adulthood, and somehow, through the busy throes of work and family, somehow health becomes less and less of a priority. It is all too common to see many of my peers who have let themselves go, perhaps because they stopped exercising - or perhaps because they've not watched what they've been eating. 

In my line of work I am privy to first hand scenarios where a little weight reduction could have gone a long way. 

No one expects a body like those gracing the covers of glossy magazines. A nice aim, but within every goal there should be a tinge of realism. There's nothing wrong with a little padding here and there, nothing wrong with a little cellulite or dark circles, nothing wrong with not having the perfect body. 

However, warning bells should start ringing when you can no longer fit into any of your jeans, and you've suddenly gone up two dress sizes. 

I do not want to look into the faces of my friends and loved ones and envision them several years later, suffering from a heart attack. 

 It all starts from awareness - so lets start thinking a little bit more about what we are doing to ourselves, and stop taking our health for granted. Sometimes, it's the habits of today that will reap the rewards of tomorrow. :)
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  1. I'm glad you posted this. I rarely eat fastfood, avoid junk most of the time - yet people (even some of my family members) just don't get it and seem to take me lightly. But I strongly believe what I consume now will determine how I'll turn out to be in the future.

    Resolution 2012: Workout more consistently.

    Have a healthier new year, Aida!

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