Aida Zabidi
You looked at him like he meant the world to you, and he probably did. 

He held your heart in his hands, and I could see the way you both fed off each other in that strange, twisted relationship of highs and lows. It was an addiction, an unhealthy one that neither could free themselves of, and regardless of the anything anyone would say, they would continue on that strange, rocky road of a million maybes and maybe nots. 

When he was happy you world was complete. 

I could never figure out if that was a good thing. The fact that he completed you, despite how much hurt you would both undergo by being together. The fact that you could not be happy without him. The fact that your fates were so inexorably intertwined that both of you could no longer see the road not taken, a road that would help you both grow as individuals. 

Who knows. 

Perhaps one day you will grow strong enough to face this addiction. 

Who knows.
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  1. You and me both. Let's hope the worst case scenario never comes to pass.


  2. Just like this miss aida, I stop the world and melt with you. LOL!

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