Aida Zabidi
"Everyone's so domestic," he said, albeit a little gloomily. "People who have settled into their lives, gotten married, having children - almost stuck in a rut. " 

It reminded me of our younger days, where we were so young and passionate - we thought we could change the world and the challenges that came with it. We were young and idealistic, not yet tinged with the cynicism of age and the responsibilities of family. 

"There's nothing wrong with being domestic. For some people, it's the closest they get to their happiness, their inner peace. Not everyone is cut out to change the world, and not everyone is interested in doing so."

"Even at the cost of potential? It's frustrating at the number of people who have so much potential within, but choose to give it up and get married - and once they do, it's almost as if they're shackled down, trapped in their personal bubble of domestic bliss - oblivious to the fact that there is a world, and it is passing them by. Perhaps it's time I move on, find a new set of friends."

"So, being married and settling down automatically makes people boring?"

"A lot of them. It's a sacrifice - you sacrifice your hopes, your dreams - and it's entirely fair to do that, because it's a personal choice, but I feel as if marriage and children are just a waste for some people - and for others, well - let's just say I don't feel that certain people should get married at all!"

"I'm commitment phobic, so I can't say - but I do believe that having children is something that should be thought through well. Oh well, what can you say? Some people have no interest in other things outside their family."

"Whatever makes people happy, right?"
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  1. Anonymous Says:


    though i personally think that deep down, even commitment phobes want a Deep Connection with that special someone.

    or a few special someones.

    I've 'interview' a commitment phobe or three and all have echoed similar sentiment[s].

    Marriage in current society is overrated as a "key to happiness".

    Marriage "should" be [strictly] an affair of the Heart. Nothing more, Nothing less.

    Legalization dulls.


    Once that [perception of Marriage being just an affair/commitment of Hearts] goes "wrong", that's when/where the Rut-building comes in, for person in question decided to "settle down", for the "next best thing".


    yep; whatever makes you Happy.

    p.s. am gonna tag you in something in FB ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    oh wait! you were tagged! (inNoteonMarriage)

  3. caught in between T__T

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