Aida Zabidi
She gave you her heart.

Did you realise that?

This beautiful, warm, loving woman has given you her heart - trusted you to hold it and cherish it, and all you have done is reneged on that trust.

You will never see what I see.

You will never see those scars she carries in her heart, those tears she sheds for you. You will never realize the number of times she has held her tongue, the number of times you have shred her dignity away from her. 

She is a woman - meant to be treasured. She is someone who loves you unconditionally, and meant to be appreciated. She is someone who has let you into her heart, meant only for those special few, meant to be understood.

I hope you realise. 

I hope you do.

If I could lend you my eyes to see, I would. I doubt you will ever see what I see, but it does not stop me from praying for her happiness, and if her happiness lies through you, so be it.
4 Responses
  1. If that guy were ever to read this, he must be really sorry. Sorry that he didn't see the sacrifices that she made for him. Sorry that he didn't see that she had entrust him her heart and yet he reneged it. I really do hope that he will realize it one day. Im hoping that she will understand and appreciate her more. But I hope she doesn't lose hope on him. Keep praying that God will open his eyes and heart to see how much she truly loves him.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    people would still leave despite how nice we treat them . life is a choice and so is happiness aida ...

    it must extremely crazy to expect different result by doing same thing over and over again right ?

    an eye is a sight . most people choose what they want to see and ignore the otherwise ...

  3. e Says:

    cant help feeling sad reading this entry.

  4. Even if the guy read it, would he understand? Some just don't - and some don't change.

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