Aida Zabidi
"Aida, come pray."

It was such a simple request, but what struck me was the fact that it had been so long since I had done jemaah prayers with my parents.

I had not been home for seven years, and in this short span of time that I've returned, we had all had our own busy schedules and my prayers were usually solitary, quick prayers in between the rush of my daily activities. My parents tended to jemaah most times, but I was not always back from work early, or often had plans, and my father had a tendency to frequent our local surau. 

I forget how emotional the act of jemaah prayers can be for me. How much I feel like part of the family unit, how we are strong and united by His love. I forget how touching it can be to hear my father utter our names in his prayers for us, and it is all too easily to forget that my parents pray for us, their children, five times a day every day. 

I am blessed to be loved so much.
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  1. roe233 Says:

    This is very touching.. The foundation of a happy and blessed family is indeed built on solat berjemaah :)

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