Aida Zabidi
I want to remember what it was like to wake up in the morning with love in my heart and the biggest smile on my face, knowing that today was going to be excellent, because I still had love for life and I was ready to accept whatever challenges were going to be thrown my way.

I want to dance and lose myself in the music again, no matter where I am, not caring if I am the most spastic person in the club. I want to sing at the top of my lungs and feel that energy ring through me. 

I want to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face and the sand between my toes. I want to feel the sweat pouring down my forehead and dance in the sun dappled glades of the forest.

I want to believe that my existence matters, and that people matter.

I want to be that roaring river, the raging tiger. 

I need to feel alive again.

2 Responses
  1. You matter to me. And I miss you.

  2. Hey, just found out your blog and wanna to let you know that I'm enjoying it. I too sometimes wonder if "my existence matters, and that people matter" but I guess you always mean something special for someone even when you don't quite feel it

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