Miss Aida
My mother often tells me I resemble my dad.

That's very true in a lot of ways.

There's always this ongoing joke in our family that there are two sides, regardless of the fact that both my parents are from Muar, there are very distinctive characteristics that seem to belong to either side of the family.

I have my dad's nose, the height and lankiness and his tendency to err on the quiet side. My middle sister is very much like my mother, with her outgoing personality and petite frame. My youngest sister seems to have emerged the best of both worlds personality-wise, but is apparently a dead ringer for my dad's mum, who passed away before any of us got to meet her.

It's interesting to see how genes pass through the family, and even more interesting to see how certain characteristics emerge and grow stronger as we ourselves grow up.

There has always been the debate about nature versus nurture, and in some cases it definitely seems stronger than other s - I have seen my mum startle at the gestures my young cousin make, gestures that my grandfather used to make, ones that my cousin would not have seen due to my grandfather's passing in my cousin's early years.

It's a nice thought that perhaps, there are parts of my parents that reside in me - parts that I will carry through life.
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