Aida Zabidi
A friend of mine, Neen, asked me if I was able to model for Pandora jewelry, which has just launched in Malaysia.

As I had yet to work and was relatively free at the time, I agreed to do the show.

Pandora is an international brand that was recently franchised by Habib Jewels, and the girls at Pandora were doing a series of small shows to introduce the brand to their clients. The one that I would be participating in was in conjunction with a pampering session with SK-II as well, so it looked like it was going to be a pretty fun event.

The launching was at Habib's headquarters in Ampang, and it was like a mini-Melbourne reunion - apparently Amy and Neen are the two women building up the brand in Malaysia from scratch, a fantastic learning experience no doubt, but the two of them are very talented and very capable, and I think that Pandora is lucky to have them onboard. In addition, the emcee Shamir was also from Melbourne, as was Syidi, the photographer. It was my first time meeting the other two models, who were also from Melbourne as well, but Marissa and Nissa were lovely warm people, and the three of us were able to stress out together behind the scenes about doing the show.

The total cost of the jewelry I was wearing was worth more than my car, and it freaked me out a bit, but when the music started, I had to forget about feeling rather silly and just went for it. I don't model professionally and I'd just done it as a favour, but I think in life there are things that are outside your comfort zone, and those are the things that make you grow as a peson. I've always been afraid of the limelight, but I think it is necessary to face those fears head on - if I cannot walk down a runway in front of strangers, what makes me think I would be able to work in the emergency department?

The show was well received, and I had a lot of fun talking to the people who wanted to look at the jewelry - I loved the jewelry and the concept, as Pandora specializes in charm bracelets. 

I love the concept of charm bracelets, the idea of commemorating events with specific charms, but I'm not normally a fan of charm bracelets as I hate charms dangling from my bracelets. Pandora offers a wonderful alternative to the charm bracelet concept with their solution of having their charms fitting into their bracelets, and with over 700 charms and growing, their customers are really spoilt for choice! Their charms range from hand-finished Murano glass to diamond studded gold charms, and half the fun is collecting them. 

They also had some really beautiful pieces of jewelry that balanced that fine line between a classic look and a more contemporary style - it is no wonder that Pandora is one of the top leading jewelry companies in the world. For more information, you can check them out at Pandora.

It isn't hard for me to talk about something that I genuinely liked, and it was nice to have the opportunity to try something a little new - thanks Neen and Amy!

Here's to the success of the brand, but with the elegant designs and quality materials, the jewelry will sell itself.

Backstage, showing off the Pandora bracelet, photo courtesy of Desmond Siew, Leo Burnett

Amy and Neen - the girls behind the scene, photo courtesy of Syidi

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    Aida, u look so pretty! So glam n classy! I love the look :)

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