Aida Zabidi
I once thought our differences were our strengths.

True as that may be, our differences are also our weaknesses.

It is important to acknowledge that there are many instances when different trains of thoughts make beautiful combinations, and open up the possibilities to which something new and wonderful might happen.

It is also important to acknowledge that weakness, as awareness is the first step to self improvement.

I once thought our differences were our weaknesses.

I now realise it is all about balance. 

Then again, ask me again in a different time. Who knows? A point of view is merely transient. We may grow from this yet.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    this post reminds me of this song :

  2. You're a great writer, Aida :)

  3. Thank you, thank you Cherie - I wanted to leave a link on your site because there were some really cute entries, but you don't have a comment box.

    I actually love that song Scott. :)

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