Aida Zabidi
"It's time for you to grow up," said Wendy gently. "There's a world out there waiting for people like you, people who are filled with potential and greatness."

"I don't know, Wendy. Growing up seems like such a... boring thing to do. Look at them-" Peter gestured towards those going about the routine of their daily work from their viewpoint, "There's no light in their eyes, no smiles on their faces. It seems like they have even forgotten to smile!"

"There are many who become weighed down by the problems of their lives, true - but it doesn't mean you have to be one of them. The world needs its movers and shakers, and those movers and shakers have always been the ones who are able to break free of the bars of their own personal cages."

"Why should I give up my life? I am king of the world here. I do nothing but indulge my base desires. I have no responsibilities, no worries; I am living a life that most can only dream of."

"You are responsible to more than yourself, if only you are one who has the strength to make changes that need to be done. You may have no worries, and no responsibilities - but you have no meaningful challenges, nothing to make you rise above yourself. You will remain complacent in the comfortable surroundings of your mind, and while you will never grow old, you will never feel the bitterness and sweetness that is life."

Peter was silent for awhile.

"You may be right." He stretched and reached out for her hand, "Well, are you willing you show me this brave new world of yours?"

She smiled back at him and put her hand in his.

"That we shall."

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    When we turn to fiction, it is because we want to read about someone else who is even more interesting to us than our own lives. That means that the characters have to be unusually important so we can care about them more than we care about ourselves -- at least while we're reading about them.

    If we want ordinary problems, we can just spend time with our friends.*winks*

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