Aida Zabidi
My sister was recently engaged, and as engagements go, it is always a beautiful affair for family involved. 

There is so much that occurs in the process of planning an engagement or a wedding, and hers was no different - especially considering how she had very specific ideas about how she wanted things to be.

She chose to have a dress made for the occasion, and picked a designer at random called N.M based on a suggestion from our well-meaning aunt. She was impressed by the sketches that were produced at the first session based on what she wanted, picked a design that she liked and put down a deposit for said dress.

She and her fiancé then decided to have her shoes made by Ms M. Unfortunately she didn't have the same luck as she had with a dress and her designer suggested that she email over some sketches for consideration, and my sister could then pick and choose designs that she liked and the process would follow on from there.

Weeks passed and my sister received no word from the designer, despite a couple of reminders about her shoes, which was always followed up with a promise to email through some sketches.

The engagement neared, and after multiple calls, a date was finally set for the first fitting, after my sister's insistence.

Ms M cancelled at short notice twice for the fitting, once the night before and once a couple of hours after the scheduled fitting, with minimal apology - after my sister had specifically taken the day off to fit around Ms M's schedule.

Third time's the charm supposedly, but as she was driving to the boutique after work, she received a text from Ms M asking for the fitting to be pushed back a couple of hours. While frustrated, nevertheless she agreed to the request and had dinner with her fiancé at the surrounding venue.

Ms M finally arrived and texted her, to which my sister informed her that she was currently having dinner and would be in shortly.

As my sister idly played with her phone, she noticed Ms M's immediate Tweet: Putain putain putain.

"What in eternity?"

For those inclined, putain is a French swear word; while in traditional French it refers to a whore, it is colloquially used as the word fuck.

She and her fiance finished dinner and walked into her boutique, where Ms M and her mother were present, and she immediately asked for an explanation.

As expected, Ms M backpedalled. "It's French."

"I know it's French, and I know what it means ."

"What does it mean?"

"It means whore."

"No it doesn't," she said, dropping voice down as she cast a furtive glance to her mother, "It means the f-word."

Regardless, a long conversation ensued, with Ms M's mother jumping in and apologizing for her daughter's behaviour and the miscommunication between them. She apologized for the delay, and informed them that they were currently understaffed.

Max, my sister's fiance was the voice of reason, and he told her they understood, but it was important to communicate this to their clients, because they had no idea what was happening.

On top of that, the dress wasn't even there, and hadn't been finished apparently due to the staffing problem.

In any case, my sister and Max left, after arranging another date for a fitting.

It would have all blown over - until the series of Tweets that night. Tweets being angry at my sister, accusing her of swearing in front of her mother (apparently talking about the meaning of the French word whore constitutes as swearing), and personal attacks about her character (Ms M had one through the effort of actually contacting my sister's old coursemate for a proper bitchfest), in addition to mentions in her personal blog, which was personally upsetting for my sister.

For those inclined, my sister spent four years of UITM as a mass comm student where she graduated top of her class and received the Deans Award, at the cost of choosing to befriend those from the debate society as opposed to the rest of the mass communication students, to which she was considered antisocial and friendless by other mass communication students. In those four years, she travelled extensively to represent UITM in debate competitions and represented Malaysia in several youth conferences in the environment.

But I digress - that is just a sister's overprotective slap in your face.

In any case, when the fitting finally came around, my sister rocked up with a couple of her friends, and I'd turned up with my mum to pay for the dress.

It was awful.

Not quite a disaster, but my sister has curves, and the particular cut of her dress meant that it had to be cut particularly well - which it was not, and ended up making her look fat. I saw the helpless look on my sister's face, and I knew she didn't know how exactly to communicate her distress without possibly starting a whole new barrage of online warfare.

The corset was bigger, with a visible zip, and upon our request to change it into an invisible zip, Ms M kept insisting that there was no way of doing that.

The lace that was chosen for the kebaya top had been cut incorrectly so the actual kebaya didn't quite balance, and was slightly longer on one side as opposed to the other.

In addition, the train of the skirt was about probably 6 inches longer than it was meant to be.

Whenever we asked her for constructive criticism, she kept saying that it looked fine from the comfort of her chair, and was totally uninterested to the point that she had to be asked directly to make changes. She kept insisting that the changes we wanted couldn't be made either.

It may not sound like much, but when you are being charged RM800 just for tailoring, I think a client has a right to want her dress to look perfect, and at least feel as if her designer or tailor has some interest in making sure that she is emphatic to how her client feels.

When my sister went back for her second fitting, not much had changed, and my sister chose to take her clothes to a second tailor to be fixed - which was done perfectly and without complaints.

Ms M may have made a name for herself in the small industry of Malaysian designers, she may make some beautiful clothes and she may have the skill and the claim that she has worked with the house of Elie Saab.

However, her attitude towards those who may not be considered high fliers in Malaysian society or potential clients leaves me a little cold towards her. 

She is new and yet lacks communication with her clients, and doesn't seem to believe that her clients wants and needs seem to account for much. Even though she may have been frustrated at a client, it was not professional to attack them personally or to reach out to a mutual friend in order to get information about that client, in this case my sister.

The world is small enough that people have come to me and dished out dirt about her past about her family, her life in France and her life in high school, but there is no need for any of us to splash that around.

I can only hope that her attitude changes in the future, and she learns a little more professionalism along the way. 

13th April 2011 - This post has been edited to shorten the name of the designer due to threatening messages I have received from said designer's affiliates. However, I refuse to take down this post on the basis that all I have said is true - I will address any confusions regarding the content in the comments below.
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  1. I can understand your frustration as a sister to the soon to be bride. My brother had his tales of famous designers who got the job done at the very very last minute. COrrection, wasn't even done right. Sleeves were too short, visible chalk lines and wasn't ironed. 8 hours before the wedding. We had to rent a tuxedo. We went out of the shop without paying of course and the tailor had the cheek to say "takkan pasal satu ni je awak nak complain" (because there were ppl around)

    Yes maybe because we aren't royalties or come from a rich family.

    Thanks for the heads up about Nisa Mizbar, now I know who NOT to go to.

    Regards to your sister and yes I totally understand the whole UiTM thingy mindset. Very Malay.

  2. Aida,
    I'm shocked beyond words. Never thought of her to be like that. As a young designer she should treat her customers better. I can imagine how upset your sister about this thing. and to tweet about that...pftt so unprofessional.

    But I confirm, putain means whore, not the f word.

  3. Yeah, to be honest I was a bit shocked - I didn't expect any personal frustrations to be vented out like that; I think it was a stressful enough situation for my sister without having to read about it on the Internet.

  4. That is simply no way to run a business. Any business.

  5. i actually know her back when i was living in london and frankly i find her taste & design really average which surprising when your sister could go to a lot of other designers around town that can do better job with way less $$$ , if she's really good ellie saab would hire her immediately wouldn't he ?

  6. Thanks for the heads up - don't suppose you know any good tailors/designers for future reference, do you Kyoto?

  7. nurul Says:

    Damn, the last thing you want on your engagement/ wedding day is any drama from your designer. Thanks for the heads up , Aida!!xx

  8. omgosh....urgh. i dont even know where to start!

  9. well,i just think that people think they know everybody.but i dont think these kinda ppl gives a damn about what they think about them. for example rizalman,he has his own past,and he's filthy rich now,and if ever ppl wanna talk about his past which he was a 'shemale' once before or was bitchy, i don't think that any of his big shot clients gives a damn.

    so i just think that in this case, people are just envy,especially the ones who claim they know her.i know this is about ur sister but sorry,judging from the way ms Mazbar writes on her blog,i don't think any of this is true.

  10. Ash Says:

    ha'alah amoi carmen, french ntah ke mana, nak confirm confirm. ingat ye adik2, jangan guna google translate untuk belajar bahasa.salah tu

  11. Like anything on the Internet, it's definitely up to you to figure out what is true or not.

    The account of the story, naturally, is true. It's wonderful to be confident of yourself, and not give a damn at times, but as long as business is conducted professionally, it shouldn't be an issue.

    Also, I find it wonderful out of the two comments below that the only thing Ash has to say is a comment about Google translate, and doesn't even constructively address the issue of professionalism.

  12. Ash Says:

    alahh..perempuan. tak payah la nak ber"constructively address" untuk membuktikan betapa teruk nya perangai melayu skarang ni. dengki sana, dengki sini, inilah melayu. konon dah jadi "western" tapi mentality sama macam orang asli. sebenarnya benda ni takde kena mengena dengan aku atau orang2 yang bagi komen diatas, tapi from my point of view, perempuan ni semua sama je.kesian. selalu jadi mangsa satu sama lain. kalau tak percaya cuba pikir baik2.kau ingat orang2 semua tak ingat kau ni hati busuk ke?


  13. No matter how awful someone is, you always strive for improvement. Rather than making comparisons, you look at a situation and think of how you can better it, regardless of whether you are male or female.

  14. it depends if you want tailor that can make beautiful wedding dress malay+modern type or sort of i know this one chinese tailor in ipoh which makes my friend wedding dress for just $250 and it's just as stunning as those designer in KL will ever do, she lives just beside tesco or jusco ipoh if i'm not mistaken i'll check back to you

  15. My deepest sympathy to your sister, I can imagine the frustration.

    I find it rather funny that the exact things that Ash so passionately frowns upon, is exactly what he/she is doing by leaving such comments.

    Regarding the tailor, there is one in Pertama Kompleks KL. The place is Aseana Silk Boutique, the tailor is Lucy. I'm not sure about her designing skills, because we've always had a clear idea of what we want, and we give very detailed descriptions, but the tailoring is excellent. My sister brought quite a number of customers to her, all happy with the result, and all went back for more. She is no famous fashion designer, but that lady can sew. Anyway, good luck to your sister with her wedding dress. There are plenty of great tailors/designers in KL, I'm sure you will find one who is talented AND professional.


  16. I Datin Faezah once and for all wants you to stop and delete whatever you wrote about my company, and it is got nothing to do with you and you do not know the truth behind the story that your sister create. Actually it is just a misunderstanding and nothing big at all. If you still have not delete what you wrote online, I will take legal action on you. If any action has not been done by you asap, first of all I will make a police report on false accusation, followed by a lawsuit.

  17. and whatever you wrote in the blog is a lie. I did not apologize for my daughter's behavior, because she has not done anything wrong,and your sister only payed RM300, not RM800. And the dress was not yet ready and she insist of picking it up. I have no problem with any of my clients who are paying much much MORE than your sister. And I believe my daughter never choose her clients. And we even give special rates for special need customers as well as the ones with tight budget. So please do not spread false stories about my company.

  18. Dear Datin,

    Out of respect for you, I will shorten the name of your daughter so it is not published all over the Internet through search engines. While you may say it has nothing to do with me, I am giving a review based on my sister's experience with your company and it was a very distressing situation for her.

    While it may have been a misunderstanding, the way Ms M acted with my sister (and I was there on the first fitting) was in no way professional, especially to a client.

    Thirdly, my sister only paid the RM300 out of the RM800 that she was charged as she was unhappy with the service and the personal attacks that had been made on her after the first incident as well as feeling that the dress could not be fixed. This was also due to the fact that the date was very close to the actual engagement. Please feel free to question Ms M on the comments that she has made.

    I have not mentioned anything about Ms M choosing her clients, merely about the way she treats her clients. In addition, I merely suggested she learn to conduct herself more professionally. If this is indeed your company, it would be in a company's interest to ensure that all clients, regardless of any personal misunderstandings, are treated professionally.

    Lastly, I would appreciate if you ask your nephew (or relation) to stop sending me threatening Facebook messages.

    Thank you.

  19. nabila Says:

    Dear Datin,

    Every client has a right to comment and naturally, companies get good and bad reviews from the public all the time. That's just the way businesses work, more so for client-servicing businesses.

    Your emotional comments about suing would just attract unwanted attention which would've been less if you would've just left things the way they were. Not to mention reflect on your professional capacity of handling things.

  20. well, she has the right to do whatever she wants, such as file a lawsuit against your friend. and I don't think the attention matters. and no, company doesn't get bad reviews all the time. so yes, we are talking about a person, so I guess if ms Aida got sued by the mother, it'll be a lesson for her to not nose in to other people business, because I don't think it is worth to go this far for a sister who likes to create trouble, such as hers.

    I always knew that this story is a lie. and I know I am on the right side.

  21. Human stupidity really has no limits, Aida.

    I will definitely pass the word to my circle of friends and relations.

  22. Ke hadapan Datin Faezah yang dihormati,

    Saya juga mempunyai perniagaan saya yang tersendiri. Seperti ramai peniaga yang lain, perniagaan saya juga melalui proses pujian dan kritikan yang tidak putus. Kritikan negatif sudah sering saya terima dan saya menganggapnya lumrah dalam berniaga. Sama ada aduan pelanggan itu benar atau tidak saya rasa tidak penting; yang penting saya mesti lebih berhati-hati dan berusaha memperbaiki produk serta perkhidmatan saya.

    Pada pandangan saya, dunia perniagaan tidak sesuai untuk mereka yang hanya boleh menerima pujian. Saya pasti syarikat-syarikat terbesar di dunia juga masih menerima aduan pelanggan. Dan saya percaya, mereka sukses kerana mereka tidak melatah atau emosional dalam menerima kritikan negatif. Untuk melihat kritikan negatif ini dari sudut yang positif dan untuk maju ke hadapan tanpa memandang ke belakang lagi (yakni bertelagah dengan pelanggan atas perkara yang sudah pun berlaku), memang memerlukan banyak kesabaran dan profesionalisma. Sementara saya sendiri masih belajar, saya berharap Datin Faezah mempunyai kedua-dua ciri itu.

    Salam maju jaya.

  23. Afifah Says:

    Aida, this does not amount to defamation especially when you have justified your version of the story. I as a customer would like to know all the stories about a potential tailor/designer if ever I need to engage in one be it good or bad. I like Nabila's comment, this is the nature of businesses and what people do with these reviews are the measure of how of a businessman they are.

  24. Ash Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Ash Says:

    aku rasa Datin tu pon tak baca komen2 ni.

    oh and don't worry lah bintangbicara kejadah apa, your "circle of friends" pun tak mampu nak buat baju kot.. so takyah la bersusah payah untuk membuka mulut busuk tu. perempuan tetap perempuan..haihh


  26. I can attest to the story above as I was there during the second fitting and indeed the dress did not fit well at all. As mentioned above, there are plenty of other tailors (not to mention designers) out there who could have done a better job. It does not matter the amount at which the client is paying - a client is a client and should be treated with professionalism. Ms NM is still relatively new to the fashion industry in Malaysia, and it wouldn't hurt her to receive some negative criticisms now while she is still young and take it into something that can be improved upon. Plenty of business people go through the day with negative comments or reviews and I don't see them openly degrading their clients. People have the right to be openly informed on how a business treats its clients, especially when they are being treated in such an unprofessional manner.

    And to dear Ash who dares to say that "your "circle of friends" pun tak mampu nak buat baju kot", please do take a good hard look at what you've been commenting thus far and use that brain of yours to see who has the "mulut busuk" here. I'm sure all the wealth you might have would have educated you enough to not say such things and to at the very least provide you with proper written BM / English skills. How you go about saying that perempuan ni semua sama je and that mentality sama macam orang asli just goes to show what a nasty person you are, especially if you claim to have nothing to do with the whole situation.

  27. maRs Says:

    I think it would be unwise to proceed with a lawsuit given the circumstances but since there are some who refuse to look at the issue objectively, I feel the need to attempt to explain.

    I completely understand the need for Ms M's affiliates to protect her from unfavourable comments and reviews, however in this situation, by attempting to silence Miss Aida from blogging about her experience with Ms M and opine on the way Ms M has conducted herself in relation to Miss Aida and her sister, it would only serve to draw unwanted reputation to Ms M's establishment. I would also like to bring to attention that I specifically stated 'reputation' not 'attention'.

    Threatening to sue certain quarters in response to a bad review has been proven time and time again to be detrimental to the person suing> For a young business, it would seem as an aggressive protection measure that would deter the wider market from considering to be a client. Young businesses should not have that type of reputation so early in its creation. Especially ones in the service industry that rely on word of mouth and various versions of publication.

    Luckily for Ms M, she is young and fresh, thus the general public is more likely to be more lenient as she is still learning to handle herself in the business world.

    However, Ms M would be able to benefit from this whole experience by taking in what has happened and placing a positive spin on the situation:

    1. At least it happened now, and not when she has obtained a bigger market share which would inevitably make her business more vulnerable to bad press.

    2. She could be mindful in the future as to blogging or tweeting about her clients no matter how obscure her descriptions are. Innuendos are especially dangerous in cyber-space and the increasing usage/dependency of the young and savvy of social media opens up the floodgates to potential problems or even lawsuits against her.

    3. This should be viewed as preparation for what could happen in the future. Famous and made-it designers are criticised almost on a daily basis because of their designs, their method of working, their PR skills etc. If you cannot control what people say, you need to control yourself in how you respond. One does not see designers sue everyone who disagrees with the way they work or their designs.

    Ms M can only gain from this experience. And if one were to view it from a purely business point of view, the lawsuit would waste time and money, cause unnecessary stress and worry - as defamation cases such as these is a "she said vs she said" leaving no clear solution, and most importantly, attract attention of the unwanted, unfavourable kind to any involved establishment.

    Furthermore, threats or attempts to silence Miss Aida by force could only cast a shadow on Ms M's establishment. If one could direct your attention to the last paragraph of her original post, in effect, she continues to wish the best for Ms M in hopes that she will use this experience to better herself and be more successful in her endeavours.

  28. Like all journalists and publishers, bloggers sometimes publish information that other people don't want published, for example publishing something that someone considers defamatory.

    Freedom of speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and Internet bullies shouldn't use the law to stifle legitimate free expression.

    While I may not be a lawyer, I see nothing in this post that could be considered obviously illegal. This article is simply the point of view of the author, recounting a personal experience. It is up to the readers to take away from this article what they will, as no direct statement was ever made either encouraging or discouraging others from seeking this business' custom.

    This whole thing has simply been blown out of proportion, and not by the author but by so-called 'supporters' of the business/individual in question. The fact that they are seriously considering escalating this to the courts indicates an inability to handle feedback (good AND bad) appropriately, which to me only serves to support the author's tale of unprofesionalism.

  29. waNny Says:

    I just dont understand whats wrong with Ash.

    i think u r the type of people who cant accept any criticism.

    I pun nak kahwin and my designer tak de la buat perangai macam nie.

    Even i myself ada business. if customer complaint i will take it as a note and recheck on everything

    so if u want to do a business tapi xle nak terima any complaint. please dont :)

    business u need to communicate with lots of people. if u cant handle all the expectation. dont do it :)

  30. Miza Says:

    I think its rather petty of her to want to go and sue people for bad press. People write bad reviews about restaurants all the time, and they don't get sued because we pay for their service. In this case, it would be the same thing.

    In terms of business it would seem like she should have taken it as constructive critism when one would gently remind of one's mistakes. Instead of splashing it all over the internet - and then later admitting to that mistake.

    But oh well, I guess some people are petty like that and think she's just better than some others.

    In this case, the author had the right to complain about the bad service she herself faced. Its a matter of personal opinion and her own right. The company shouldn't blow it out of proportion. They've got really bad crisis control - obviously they feel threatened if they want to sue. If they knew they didn't do anything wrong, they wouldn't have been scared.

  31. Ash Says:

    eh,why me?? saya sekadar berjalan2 disini. alaah tak payah nak "please don't2" me,kamu siapa nak nasihat orang lain?setakat niaga dekat kampung baru tu..boleh lah. kalau ada duit, lain kali pergi lah dekat rizalman ke..yang senior2 tu.haa bayar lah 20ribu ringgit satu baju.kan happy tu..kamu tu berniaga apa? nasi ayam kampung?

    and saya tak perlu "prove" to siapa2 that I am educated or not. sigh..that's why i said, perempuan tetap perempuan..otak letak dekat mana ntah.


  32. Ash Says:

    oh and shut up Miza, you are blocking the way! main jauh2 pls

  33. Ash Says:

    and Miza,you use the word "petty" twice in your's so boring and as if you r lack of ideas..sounds like chingchongfan.oh, i forgot, you r a girl!

    baik cakap melayu je lah..

  34. What kind of business that does not know how to accept critics???!Datin,if you want your business to grow, you got to learn to treat customers right!!Posting such comments like this will only show your lousy attitude towards customers. What the heck were you thinking when you put such comment here? Shame on you Datin!!Lawsuit? Oh please....dont you have better things to do? GET A LIFE!!!

  35. Miza Says:

    Wow, and you as a man (if I can even call you as that), have such wonderful grammar. Your spelling is the best I've seen today too.

  36. EPM Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Ze Ying Says:

    Omg I understand how frustrated that is! Especially when all these happened before the wedding.

    I believe people would not be so jobless to the extent that he/she would spend time writing such a long post to defame a designer, if the story was not true at all. If the designer is that unhappy to deal with her customer and unable deliver her work on time, it would be better if she just din't accept the job in the first place. Then she does not have to turn around and point fingers at others now, trying to cover up.

    Oh ya, if the story is not true, why so scare about it and keep sending threat messages to ask people to shut up

  38. Dustylola and Ash,

    I think you two have brains of a peanut size. Pity losers like you two. YOU TWO need to get a mirror, look into it and decide whether you should jump from a building or not.


  39. Tariq Says:

    Wow. I'd just had a refresher course on defamation (still a law student :)) and all I can say is whatever Ms. Aida said here is legitimately fair comment, since she explained the reasons behind the statements she was making. That's a pretty good defense by the way.

    In any event, I think this is a cautionary tale as to how people should deal with criticism, justified or not. In my personal opinion, it seems justified :)

  40. Ash Says:

    smokin' cockle? u mean "kerang busuk"? biaaarlah Datin tu nak menegakkan keadilan ke, sue ke ape ke, yang kau sibuk kenape.. kau mesti perempuan kan?kalau tak, manusia dua alam. this is fun lah.

  41. iman Says:

    I am appalled to see how this issue has escalated out of proportion because of their reluctance to accept constructive criticism. Since this post is obviously just a personal review about the service that Aida's sister PERSONALLY received, they have a right to express their account of the matter in this objective way to their friends. If the people accountable have read this post closely, they would see that Aida has actually praised the designers previous works and only commented on her professionalism of Ms M's service directly related to her sister. She also ends it with a hope that this will not happen again and that the designer will just be aware of the matter. She even wishes her all the best in the future.

    In every business which involves customer satisfaction, companies are always eager to hear the feedback in the hopes to better themselves. I'm sure everyone has in one way or another been asked to give their opinion to a service rendered. Therefore, I hope that the parties involved will try to adopt a better perspective on the issue.

    A little note to Ash, it is unbelievable to the point of humorous the way you continuously post up sexist and degrading comments that ultimately, reflects badly upon yourself. I hope someday you will grow up and realise that.

    Kind regards.

  42. Ash Ash. You are such a sore pathetic!Disgraceful human being. It is a simple negative criticism which is a good learning curve for NM and Datin herself. What is your point here moron?

  43. Threatening to sue means you are wrong Datin. Wrong. And the customer is right. And why would someone lie and do bad review bout some stranger's business?

    And dear Ash, please stop using harsh words to others cause it shows your stupidity. Seriously, please stop. Peace.

  44. that's not how you do business, man. good reviews, bad reviews, those reviews actually reflect your business ability. dah kau tak mampu jalankan business dengan baik, nak saman pulak. tak business minded betul :P

    profit oriented sangat, sampai customer tak terjaga. if you're so rich boleh study sampai ke UK, cuba invest RM3000 pergi belajar business dekat UITM. diploma pun ok lah, tak payah sampai degree.


  45. oh my bad, not UK. it's FRANCE. putain betul I ni :P

  46. Ash Says:

    kerang,saya takde apa-apa lagi nak bincang dengan kamu. dan ucop, dalam pandangan saya, tidak semestinya dia salah. itu cuma satu andaian kamu yang tak boleh pakai. dan cheeka ke cheetah..komen yang sangat memalukan diri anda sendiri.

  47. Ash Says:

    sebenarnya satu je. aku pantang melayu yang kononnya dah terer english, lepas tu dah taktau identity masing-masing. tapi dalam hal ni, aku tak sebelah menyebelah sesiapa. semua sama, especially perempuan2 yang bagi komen. chill la wey

  48. Miza Says:

    To Ash,

    Habis, awak rasa awak punya Melayu bagus sangat? Nak comment pasal orang lain tu, cermin diri sendiri dulu.

    Your defense there seem to hold no relevance to the above topic.

  49. I do not want to comment anything, but just to give some ideas of the same situation but different place...

    Seorang penjual burger menjual burger kepada pelanggannya. Setelah burger itu dimakan serta-merta, didapati di dalamnya tiada sos atau mayonis. Lepas itu pembeli mengadu kepada peniaga tersebut, "Kenapa tiada sos dalam burger ni?". Peniaga pun menjawab, "Aku nak saman kau sebab kau cakap aku tak masukkan sos dalam burger tu!"...=)


  50. hurm.. a smart people will talk smartly while a stupid people will talk nonsense. i'll support you aida and miza for trying to defend what's right for the customer.good luck.

    that man annoys me more than the story now.

  51. Haha Ash, you have lost your point in this. Err, are you in the wrong blog or something? Haha, its very funny because Miza is right since your defense there seem to hold no relevance to the above topic. :P

  52. ash, oops sorry saya memalukan diri sendiri. tapi dah tu pendapat saya. takkan nak dengar pendapat kamu je?

    damnation86, I LOL-ed hard reading ur comment. kelakar! i demand for my sauce or i'll sue you back :P

  53. shah Says:

    Customer is always right!

    If you cant stand ppl giving you bad reviews, dont start a business just go home and call your bestfriend to buy u a tissue box and cry all night long

    And i somehow agree wif Euphoria Pearl,the man annoys me more than the story itself

    Maybe we can have another post now?hehe cheers :)

  54. Alyaa Says:

    Both Ms. M and Datin Faezah should GROW UP.

    If you cannot handle bad press, then clearly you are not meant to be in this business, or in any business for that matter. Businesses get good AND bad reviews all the time. GET OVER IT.

    LEARN FROM IT, not lash out on your previous client for speaking out her mind. That just shows how unprofessional really are.

  55. DayangAnne Says:

    It's a customer's right to give review on what the end product is , if you don't feel happy with the service , you have the right to complain . Consumers' right .

    Plus , it happened really closed to the wedding . the wedding itself is really a big thing and now these thing which i should say , one of the biggest thing in a wedding (the fitting) should go smoothly. Any bride should freak out if this happened and I really respect your sister for being able to tolerate so many times with all the delay and stuff .

    It's okay we know you , Aida . we know you wouldn't lie and it's your right to publish your review .

    And maybe someone should learn how to treat customers better already .

  56. Well cheeka, just put this situation in all business area, and I guarantee that all kinds of business in this world will be demolished without a trace. For heavens sake, what kind of business in this world run while abandoning customer's satisfaction???
    Even barter-system that we learn in history books demands satisfaction of both individuals/group, let alone now, in the modern century.

  57. jtiew Says:

    I think what needs to be said has been said.
    If you sue, on what basis are you suing, Datin? If defamation, you have to prove it. And with the dress being cut wrongly - it's already against what you are trying to proof. What you are doing is a reflection of the government - when the rakyat speaks up against them, terus masuk ISA lokap.

  58. kacheek Says:

    If all critics are to be sued, then all movie critics should be sued for criticising and saying bad things about not only the movie, but the bad actors and actresses, bad scriptors, and bad directors!

    Good business persons take criticisms as learnings to better themselves. I guess, some are just lousy business persons. Owh, well! We know who they are now, don't we?!

  59. HariKumar Says:

    OMG!I am speechless. What has happened to our basic consumer rights? Secondly, professionalism. What has happened to that?

  60. Amirah Says:


    I am appalled by the lack of graciousness on the part of your company and also the blatant rudeness you show towards your critics. In an industry such as yours, the ones who succeed are those who strive to improve themselves and are ready to accept feedback from their clients.

    Please be aware.

    People like you are a dime a dozen. You are not indispensable.

  61. Ash, do you realize your comments are insulting every single woman you know? Patut la banyak sangat masa nak bagi orang comment comment buruk. Kalau tak kesah pasal what is posted here or anybody's opinions, what are you doing here then? Pergi main jauh-jauh je la. Kalau awak tu Melayu yang rajin / baik / hebat / successful sangat, takde masa awak nak reply bodoh bodoh kat blog ni :) If you read it properly, Miza never said anything about you so what you wrote to her was plain rude.

    This is too hilarious by the way. I'm really sorry for the people who are even thinking of suing you Aida. I really do hope they'll just take this as a lesson to learn some good manners because she is a talented girl, and it would be such a waste for it to go down because of all this silliness.

  62. HappyBirthdayKhairunAndAida Says:

    At this point, I'm rather convinced that this ASH f'ler MUST be either Bung Mokhtar or Ibrahim Ali in disguise.

    What's with the sexist remarks, buddy? Let it go man. Let it go. Let's get back on topic shall we? Ignore the MCP in town.

  63. i don't see why I'm getting the blame too? have you all read her blog?I really don't think she's that kind of person. I don't blame people's jealousy towards another person who has so much talents and more fortunate. and I can really understand why Datin wanted acted this way, because she is the part of NM company. because of this nonsense review,I met ms.M personally. She is a very warm and cheerful girl, unlike what Aida said. and I am glad that I am speaking for a person who has so much to offer to the country.

    Aida dear, i think you just have to think carefully, because I know she is your sister, but not everybody is worth your trouble.

    there is too much negative vibes in here, I think you should write something good because negative aura can only brings back karma.

  64. 1. The customer is always right. So, if you can't take any constructive criticism, then pack up, balik kampung, berniaga nasi ayam. Lagi bagus.

    2. Threatening to sue people and all are just so lame and it just goes to show that she's scared and she wants you to stop. Don't.

    3. Ash, seriously you're a disgrace. So, run along with your stupid, sexist comments and die. Am more disgusted with your comments than I am with the actual story. Seriously, pergi main jauh-jauh.

    4. Thanks for the heads up about the designer. Now I know.

    5. I don't think you should delete this post. Nak tgk apa retards mcm Ash comment (Am pretty sure he's related to the designer/Datin, kalau x, xkan die iye2 je rajin reply comment kt sini).

  65. Habub Says:

    In business, ethics are lined up for you to follow and I'm sure one of them says you cannot sue your client if they are not satisfied with your service. You want to be in business, then deal with it.

  66. Ash Says:

    Aku bukan Bung atau Ibrahim.kenapa mesti kaitkan dengan mereka yang tak berdosa? Badriah, nasib baik kau ni tak cantik.geli aku. I got no komen for you as well.

  67. Syaida Says:

    Hey Aida,

    I got your back ;)


  68. Dear Datin

    You never really know your cost of doing business until you start doing business.

    If you don't know something, you're stupid about that something.

  69. Johnny Says:

    Why is it so hard for some business people to accept criticism? Why can't they take the criticism as a way to improve their way of operating their business? By just having one kind of negative comment from Aida, was it their first time? Such a single negative comment has shaken Ms. M and her mother that much?? Too much for them to accept the comment and they have to sue Aida?? I would say, a simple honest apology from Ms. M to Aida's sister would solve a lot. Drop the ego, handle the matter professionally. Won't that be nice? Think.

  70. fabs Says:

    wah, poor customer service is already a real put off. the rest of it was just plain rude! can imagine how frustrating it must have been for your sister. I think as consumers we should definitely exercise of righst and responsibilities review great customer experiences and poor customer experiences alike!

  71. Penangkap Halimunan Says:

    Tort menjaga air muka adalah tort yang tidak menyebabkan apa-apa implikasi ketara kepada seseorang atau tanahnya, akan tetapi kepada reputasinya. Tort ini merangkumi fitnah secara percakapan atau secara penulisan, penggelapan pengumuman, penzahiran. Adalah perlu difahami tort fitnah adalah terjemahan daripada istilah Bahasa Inggeris "Defamation". Penggunaan istilah "saman malu" yang popular di kalangan masyarakat awam di Malaysia adalah tidak tepat. Istilah "saman fitnah" adalah lebih tepat. Ini kerana seseorang boleh menyaman seseorang lain dengan saman fitnah apabila kenyataan "tidak benar" disebarkan terhadapnya. Tidak wujud "tort fitnah" walaupun seseorang itu terasa dimalukan jika kenyataan yang disebarkan itu adalah benar. Contohnya seseorang itu tidak akan berjaya membuat saman fitnah ke atas sebuah syarikat surat khabar kerana memaparkan berita bahawa dia telah dijatuhkan hukuman oleh mahkamah kerana didapati bersalah mencuri di pasar raya. Walaupun berita itu memalukan diri orang tersebut, namun jika berita itu memang benar dan bukannya fitnah, maka dia tidak akan berjaya di dalam saman fitnahnya.

    jika kenyataan blog ini benar jadi usah bimbang kerana ianya tidak membolehkan anda disaman..
    pssttt.."jika dia tahu berbahasa perancis pasti dia tahu apa maknanya "TORT" itu...

  72. Dennis Chan Says:

    Humility, class and grace. Ms Datin might be a Someone in Some circles of Society but in the society that is our global community, you forget the most basic rule of engagement: respect.

    You, I and we are all from humble and simple origins. Not all of us have the markings of fame and fortune tattooed all over but we breathe and bleed the same.

    Remember, every customer that picks up the phone or walks into your shop has made a heavily calculated decision to part with his or her hard earned sweat tainted cash. For you. All they ask in return is that you treat that decision with the simple professional respect that is required from any one man from any one service industry whether it be a McDonald's cashier or Jimmy Choo himself.

    Humilty, class and grace. Ms NM, you forget your place.

  73. Wow! This is turning into a Youtube comment section. There will always be that one idiotic troll with stupid comebacks and irrelevant posts in regards with the main issue. In any case, criticism is just a natural occurence in the business world. Like it or not, people will criticise be it constructive or downright negative. The only way to improve is to accept the criticism openly. There is a huge gap between criticising and dissing. The way I see it, the author is just giving her own opinion on how the situation has taken its toll and not likely dissing the business. Just like how damnation86 posted about the burger stall, takkan nak saman customer pasal customer complain tak letak sos? Taking legal actions will not end this. That is an assurance.

  74. Dear Datin,

    Good customer service is pivotal in ensuring your firm's success. I am appalled by the way you react to your customers' honest feedback. Firms, especially those whose survival depends of their ability to provide quality (or at least reasonable) service to their paying customers are bound to receive feedbacks, good or bad, from time to time. By failing to react properly to Ms. Aida's sincere review, you have just turned something perfectly normal (bad review) into an en embarrassment on your side; a disgraceful nail in the coffin of your rather blossoming business. This is tragic to your company's PR. It is a disgrace; PR's version of Chernobyl.

    Imagine the situation where you handled the complaint well- this could've been a huge opportunity for you to promote your boutique's name, you know.

    The netizens who had a chance of reading your post are certainly becoming more apprehensive about doing business with your company after this; who knows the same thing could happen to them, too?

  75. Wanie Says:


    This topic/post is too cool. Chill.. ;)


  76. zachuan Says:

    this datin is so silly,you just aggravated the entire situation and you're about to self-destruct,if it was in fact a simple understanding,wouldn't an immediate clarification and frank offline conversation have sufficed,instead of your baseless threats?

    weddings are an emotional event,and the dress is in no small way essential to the experience,to have a supposedly well-known (i personally have never heard of him/her) designer act so unprofessionally (people have been fired/sued for saying much less offensive or personal things on twitter,defamation scheschemation that was just a low) speaks to how respectful and sensible the person is.

    shame on this ridiculous datin & her egoistic,crude-mouthed witch of a child

  77. norlia Says:

    To Datin, I wonder you must have thought of customer's right before running this business. Your clients have their own opinion. And if there are 10 of your clients posted something similar like this, would you want to sue them also? You know, I think you should learn something from this. The author meant nothing, just to express her opinion and how frustrated she was to be treated that way. Well maybe for some people money doesn't mean anything. But for most people money does mean something. No offense here, but I think you should learn on how to respect people.

    To Ash, I don't think you're being rational. Using those bad words, is so lame.

  78. MSc. CCRM Says:

    Salam kepada semua,

    Terbaca komen seorang insan yang cakap semua orang asyik guna bahasa Inggeris, maka saya ingin menulis dalam bahasa Melayu.

    Perkara yang melibatkan hal-ehwal undang-undang adalah sesuatu yang tidak perlu diendahkan oleh siDatin, Ash dan mana-mana kroni NM. Perkara yang perlu dititik beratkan adalah reputasi perniagaan. Cornelisson (2005) telah mendefinasikan bahawa reputasi sesebuah syarikat bukan ditentukan oleh syarikat itu, tetapi oleh konsumer-konsumer (stakeholders) yang terlibat secara langsung atau tidak dengan syarikat itu.

    Jika dilihat dari sini, ramai benar konsumer-konsumer yang mampu menberikan 'nafas baru' kepada reputasi perniagaan yang dibincangkan. Ini tidak mustahil, kerana laman-maya kini telah menjadikan dunia lebih kecil, dan berita mudah tersebar, apatah lagi berita-berita yang menceritakan tentang layanan buruk kepada pengguna.

    Memang lumrah manusia menyebarkan cerita tentang kesusahan orang lain dan juga mengingatkan orang lain tentang keburukan sesuatu.

    Maka oleh itu, one will have to wonder what will happen when all of this hubbub translates into the real world. Whose pockets will suffer? Who needs who? Does the consumer need the products? Or does the Seller need the consumers?

    Good luck to all. Both sides need it i suppose. Toodles~!

  79. Qayzr Says:

    Hello :D

    Go view my comment at me Tumblr ;)

    Qayzr, 3LT.

  80. Diana Says:

    I think that Datin Faezah wouldn't have much of a case to sue against the author. She shouldn't use the law to suppress legitimate free expression. Besides, based on what the author has written, she only intended to give some constructive criticism, not trying to defame the designer. I just hope that all the threatening messages will stop because I can imagine it being such a nuisance.

  81. Azreen Says:

    I have said it before and I would like to say it again,

    The designer would have seemed down to earth and more elegant had she simply apologized. All this attention on her could have been turned around as good publicity instead. What a missed opportunity unfortunately.

    This is not a personal attack in my view, it's a call for improvement. Seize it! :)

  82. Just a bystander... Says:

    I think that all this 'negative vibe' comes from the comment written by so-called "Datin Faezah". It might be the designer's mother or it might be the designer herself. Nobody knows. The thing is, if the said person didn't post such comments, things will not turn out this way. She should have just kept quiet.

    I heard so much about the said designer from people who knew her personally back in France and it's something I'll take into consideration if someone recommend her to me. I hope it's not true because if it is, oh man... it's just... SAD.

    Wishing all the best to Ms. Aida. Sorry to hear about your experience.

    And to the designer and whoever is on her side, wishing all of you the best too. The key to be successful is to be humble. Using the 'title' which is actually given to the husband doesn't make you look good. You actually hurt your reputation in the process.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Aida for your info...I will tell all my realtives, friends, officemates bout this story and your experienced. This Datin and Ms NM really need to improve their business bukan keje asyik nak saman org je..

    btol jugak dgn one of the commenter tu..blaja la kt UITM amik diploma in Business Management..blaja sampai France but nk handle business pun tak reti..haih..

    I dont think this Datin gona sue you babe!! btw Datin ker? Btol ker? Ops!!

  84. Ciqa Says:

    If NM had read the blog and complained about it instead of taking it and using it to make herself better, then that really is unprofessional. In the art&design world, there will always be negative reviews. What makes you good in that field is the ability to take criticism well.

    Even if it wasn't NM's fault, her mother shouldn't be that overprotective of her adult child. She should comfort her and let her grow. It is only with mistakes that we learn how to better ourselves.

    I'm with you all the way~~ <3

    (and sorry if this comment appears twice. it diddn't appear for me after posted it and refreshed the page :S)

  85. I think the above sea of comments pretty much sums up whatever i wanted to say. I just have one small part to add..

    This is the main reason why "homegrown" talent stay "home" and hardly branch out internationally (successfully at least). You would think that coming from the humble beginnings of being from a third world/developing country, we malaysians who have a sense of humility and humbleness in us. But give our homegrown talents abit of exposure and success and they emerge Divas.

    Also "LADY" ( i refuse to address you as Datin because your title is just another redundant occurance in this twisted country), you have successfully plotted your own daughter's downfall by your ignorance. Just because you are a so called Datin, it doesnt mean that the title was accompanied with a stroke of genious. Still, it baffles me that you have the common sense of a goldfish. Before threatening to sue someone, one might say that someone of your intelligence would think of consulting a lawyer, or researching first on whether this is even a valid case any esteemed lawyer would take up.

    In fact Aida, you can readily lodge a report against the "LADY" for all the threatening messages you have been receiving, since she has kindly provided you enough evidence in the form of texts and twitters which could be classified as hard evidence threats. I would gladly recommend you a lawyer.

    *to ASH...
    You do realise that we think you are just another uneducated fool right? You are a disgrace to the educated people of our generation, and the educated/street wise Malays in today's society ( i am not a Malay ). In fact, i think that you might probably be a closetted homo who simply hates women. Well yes, this is the only explanation to your comments and it has to be so.As such, you are also an embarassment to the gay community. Gay men are generally bitchy and witty. You are neither. You're just a cockroach.

    (for the record, i have nothing against homosexuals. In fact, i am a believer of pro-choice and have many gay friends who are bitchy and witty, and yet fun to be around)

  86. dont worry aida.. nothing will happen.. relax..

    Datin Faezah, relax la..its just a complain.. chill! i pun buat business, ala, yg aida tulis ni.. tak da hal la.. biasa la ni.. u have to learn from ur mistakes. kalau tak de complaints mcm mana kita nak maju? tak payah la awak nak susah payah nak buang masa naik turun mahkamah. at the end your company ada record naik turun mahkamah.. buat apa? buat busuk nama company jer.. i banyak artist la, datin datuk tak bayar i, tau complain je tp tak bayar tp i pecaya rezeki kita ada di luar sana, and aida nye sister ada hak tak bayar u yg balance sbb anak u tak buat keja betul2. normal! u pegi la mana2 company pun tanya, mesti ada banyak complaints yg dirog terima dari customers. and company besar2 ada hotline, banyak complaints diorg terima takde pun bawak ke tengah? naik turun mahkamah.. fikir la..

    Good luck Faezah!

  87. Ash, u ni perempuan ke lelaki?? i rasa u ni perempuan.. sbb susah nak dpt lelaki yg mulut mcm u..

  88. LittleMissSunshine Says:

    Just a thought - is "Datin Faezah' really who she says she is? Maybe she's just a bored executive who decided to write a comment which will incite some excitement in his/her otherwise mundane working life. =P

    In any case, awesome blog entry and even better comments. Made me LOL despite my crazy workload. =)

  89. Anonymous Says:

    hi aida! :D i don't know, i mean on a lot occasions of friend's weddings and engagements the dress is sometimes upsetting...particularly a dress with a corset+skirt where d measurement have to be really accurate...and maybe if u gain or lost a few pounds they have to change measurements again...i have attended a friend's engagement where the corset do not fit her at all (cannot zip)+d guy's family is just an hour takes 2 of us girls to take out the entire stitch of the corset and hand sew them as fast as possible! :D to ash we girls can actually do something, u know... :D but that is my friend's fault where she didn't try it in d 1st place...different story altogether...anyway, to really judge this situation i'd like to acquire these information:
    1. Why is Ms NM on your sister's twitter? Are they friends or something? And how did she read her personal blog?

    I mean, i can understand that everyone is feeling a bit angry+protective towards one another, aida+khariun's friend+family towards them, Ms NM's friends+family towards Ms NM. Hence all d denial+protective attacks. But if i may say in an unbiased tone, i think Khairun looks lovely on her engagement day, d dress looks perfect thanks to (believe it or not) Ms NM+a second tailor. I mean, it's not nice for Ms NM to allegedly refer to your sister (a client) as putain+to make personal attacks about her character+to mentions in her personal blog, but i think if your sister+Ms NM are not former acquaintance, she would have no idea of it in d 1st place, hence would save her from a precious stress+heartache free moments before d engagement day. So, if u judge it purely on a sole basis on customer-seller, one should allowed to complain being stood up 3 times+complaint about d dress. All in all as u did pay less than half from d agreed price for d dress (for bad service), i think this matter is settled. To write an entry about aida's experience in her personal blog, i think this is a freedom of speech, no? Ms NM also did have her share of freedom of speech when she writes about Khairun in her personal blog+twitter. I would like to say when u r getting married, there is a whole LOT of drama+stress for d bride+family as well to make sure everything going as smoothly+perfect as possible, and i would advise to take things easy+d most important thing is 4 d bride to feel happy on her wedding day :D :D :D otherwise d wedding day is not worth it haha :D and to Khairun, all d best+to view it positively look at how Max reacted when someone is bullying his girl! :D He is totally rational+protective+from this situation, we can see that he is a true gentlemen+would be there for u no matter what :D Maybe this is Allah's test for your love. People say this is why families will always insist on us girls being engaged 1st, as they say this time is where love will be tested+as well see how u 2 together can handle challenges in life :D

  90. Anonymous Says:

    duit nak, buat kerja x betul, then marah pulak kat orang yang menjadi sumber rezeki ngko. Ntah hape2 ntah.

  91. Steve Says:

    Wow! I love a stand-up knock-down fight - sorry to be late to the partaay!

    Unfortunately when we don't have a meritocracy (use a dictionary if this word is too difficult) in this country, then this is what we have to put up with from dime-a-dozen datins with the common sense of goldfish (thanks Charlene!) and their spoilt daughters... how much more tragic if their spoilt daughters have a genuine talent and would flourish as people in a different environment.

    As for Ash... he takes the 'what's-wrong-with-this-country' debate to a whole new level... am guessing he has a small-dick-and-i'm-gonna-hide-it-by-being-ultra-melayu syndrome thing going on!

  92. bapok haji taib Says:


    stop fighting u guyss..what is this we got datin2,anak raja,kerabat raja and rakyat2 malaysia here fightinggg!! *screaming very gurly*

    i masuk website designer tu, takde laaahh lawaaa mane punnn..blogspot dia byk gamba2 minum wain.isshh.. ape nak jadi baru up skit,dah poyo poyoo gituuu.. nak jual baju or nak jual status??? eii geli iii..*geli*geli*

    whatever it is, kalau nak buat bisnes, takkan tak bole kene kutuk oversea, mindset macam org kampung laah.. betul ke france? ke kuala selangor jek?? *wink*wink*

    kalau skit2 nak saman2, pon bole bankrup kalau datin2 ni bukak hotel.. pantang kene comment, nak saman je kejee.. ishh..

    oh i nak tanye je ne, sape yg menjahit baju? pekerja2 indon dia or dia sendri? nampak gaya cam busy ber party jeeee.. mesti kwan2 indon dia jahit kan kan..designer ni pandai design jek, mane masuk kursus jahittt..

    ok lah u. i nak sambung shopping.. tataaaaa *xoxo*

  93. Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for the support and the comments - a lot of people have come to me with similar stories of designers who have given them poor service when it comes to making their wedding gowns, and somehow still manage to get away with it in this service driven industry. I don't think this is right, and that consumers have a right to complain.

    As to the questions above:

    1. Yes, Datin Faezah is the real deal. My sister has called her up to explain the situation and she has insinuated that she will sue if we do not take the blog post down. My sister has offered to keep the initials shortened if she receives a public apology from Ms NM (otherwise, the real name of the designer will be put up again).

    2. The dress was indeed lovely on the day - but it took another tailor to fix what Ms M did not. My sister chose to take it to another tailor because it was still not properly done on the second fitting, which was 2 weeks before the engagement - and considering the personal attacks on Twitter, she was concerned that the designer would not have her heart in the job, and therefore may affect the quality of work.

    3. My sister was previously able to view Ms M on her Twitter as she had access, but since then is not able to. Ms M's blog is public, and able to be viewed by all.

    4. I hope the criticism is taken well - suing is not the answer to everything, much less in a service driven industry. I think Ms M has talent, however, it is just the way that she handles herself professionally that caused distress to my sister and my family. I am also sure she is a lovely person with her friends and family, however, that does not always constitute as professional behaviour when it comes to stressful situations.

    5. My sister is worth it.

    6. And yes, Ash really is an idiot.

  94. Maharaja Malaysia Says:

  95. We got your back in this Aida. :)

  96. Anonymous Says:


    I can confidently say I know this person inside out and one phrase to sum up : she's a big FAKE and lives in denial.

    "putain..putain..putain.." in her context easily showed she wasn't ready when your sis turned up at her shop. And yes, casually it's more of the F word or SHIT rather than whore...which in this case : "pute"

    First time readers would be surprised and amazed with her cloud 9 life as she described in her blog, but she adds up a nuance of untrue jolly and flavours just to make sure readers will read what they want to read and thus believe. She gives out wrong or I would rather say fake impressions to everyone. For example recently she claimed to be interviewed by a colomnist which apparently posted the interview in the newspaper... but for goodness' sake, that column can be bought and I belive she did just that for a better publicity and indirectly advertise bout her business. It's a good strategy but I would like just want to highlight the difference of a real public-interest interview, and a prepared-column-bought-interview. I hope you get my point here : yes it was an interview, it did happen, but it's was a prepared and purchased column interview, rather than how she described it in her blog: approached by a columnist. Conclusion : this factor is used in all of her posts to spice up things make it looks like WOW.

    From her life in Paris, which of course some of us do know well Paris and France, I could only laugh at each of her blog post coz she could describe a normal boring thing to be an extravaganza big hu-ha. These are all meant to impress whoever out there reading about her, but of course, readers could only helplessly imagine and believe. However she can't trick us who have been there way longer than her. Err..not just Paris but EUROPE !

    She bought her way up into the industry thx to (I know who). She bought the fame and glory but didn't really hard-earn it. This will not last long. Having said these, you can undertsand why the dress turned out to be as such.

    The truth about her would eventually prevail without doing too much effort coz results and her actions speak louder than her blogs. U know it and I know it. So don't worry bout this child mentallity of suing you coz u can be damn sure, nothing she can do about it. She has got no case.

  97. Whoah whoah.. let's not do the personal attack thing shall we?

    I think what kind of person she is doesn't really matter at least for this matter. It's the way she runs her business that brought about this whole thing isn't it? Let's not give her a chance to really get it right and say that we are slandering her and her reputation by digging dirt about her life and likes. Because what we say here, is not going to impact us as commentors, but it will impact Ms Aida instead, because she allowed it to be posted up on her blog.

    After all, we don't want to be rotten in return of being treated rotten just to prove a point that they are rotten.

    We've got class... :D

  98. Nuzul Says:

    I AM IMPRESSED!! Both for the negative and positive vibe happening here. Aida, REST ASSURED. There can't be any suit coming soon for this freedom of speech made in reference to a situation where the truth did happened and worst is,they had even admitted that they did not apologize for a screwed up dress.

    Well,you don't need a ruined special occasion costume made to qualify you to be upset. You can even be upset when your tailor doesn't sew your Raya clothes as how you want it so what Aida is doing her is just giving real life story which any REASONABLE person would have take it as a positive criticism.

    It is rather sad now that she's already jumping in defence of her daughter for a small remarks made by you. Has she consulted any legal person on this? Mind you,once she meets any lawyers (in KL especially) she would immediately opt for "wait and see" period as she would realize that it is not worth for her to go up the court and sue as the costs for her to do that is already more than the cost of them sewing the baju. Nak buka file pun dh beribu!!And btw, what ground is she using against you or your sister?? Has she realized that if she really wanna carry on with a suit (even so) she had actually did a very big mistake by having (perhaps bf to NM) or RELATIVES sending threats and tweets to your account which obviously are eligible to be evidences for you to use against her. No point of making a police report as our police would just save it in their system and forget about it the next hour.

    So yes, parties should take this as positive as you could. I'm a future bride myself & I know how stressful can a bride-to-be be when your BIG day is approaching. If NM is really a people person and knows that she had actually screwed up, a simple SORRY would just do.

    "Datin" (perhaps) had even dare to say that she did not apologize as no mistake was done. It doesn't matter when the dress was supposed to be ready but if you had actually used your smart brains to say "dress is not ready as we are down with staffs" at least you are justified there.

    NM, there is a reason why Aida's sister had chose you at the very first place. Respect her for her choice and treat her just like how you want to be treated when you're a customer. Put yourself in Aida's sister's shoes. A simple explanation would do instead of putting a French word in your Tweeter. GROW UP.

    This is just one SMALL customer who is just "helping" you grow BIGger tho you may not need them but treat them the same. We can also make you small by having to link this anywhere if we want. Malaysia is not big, mind you but our search engine is. Just coz you have good business model and stabil enough to woo the bigger society, that doesn't mean my friend here can't pay you. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER yo!! You don't even deserve RM300!!!

  99. Ili S. Says:

    To escape criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. - Elbert Hubbard

  100. Tia Says:

    The lack of professionalism doesn't really surprise me considering how she represents herself in her personal blog. What really shocked me is the way her mother addressed the issue. I've always had respect for the elders but I cannot say the same in this case. I believe Datin F should have shown a better example to her daughter instead of further aggravating the situation. I thought a "Datin" would have better insight than that.
    Putting aside this embarassing situation, kudos to you Aida for not being afraid to share, despite the threats (I do hope for your sake, they are just empty threats from mindless people). Just because you are a Datin doesn't mean you are right. I suggest you meet up with Ms. Aida and trust me, if this matter is sorted out nicely and professionally Ms. Aida will write another review on how gracious you are on dealing with this situation.
    Just my 2 cents.

  101. Emma Says:

    Aida, you have done nothing wrong here. You wrote your opinion and they took it way seriously with no professionalism. I have your back too. :)

  102. you guys are terrible.. and Aida, blackmailing is a very terrible thing to do..shame on you.

  103. nel Says:

    dustylola - are u hurt? aawwwww...

  104. Anonymous Says:

    Miss Aida,

    We make a lot of choices in our life, including on how we want to defend ourselves. I felt that as a customer, we have right to get what we were promised. And by that fail to take place, as much as we try to communicate and engage, sometimes it seems that we're the only one trying. Just because we post a blog expressing our anger doesn't mean
    we are condemning.This post, nothing wrong with it. Its just a customer expressing one's dissatisfaction. It's up to others
    to judge and share their story.

    If this really happen, then im sorry for you and let this be a reminder to the rest of us that names and brands were built with good reputation, and the one who really lift the name are the customers, no matter who we are. We create the demand and recognition for a name/brand, so its only fair that we get what we were promised.Recognition were given because people trust your skill and appreciate your talent, so don't insult that. Just saying.

    Thanx to Azreen for giving me this link.

  105. ch3ch3 Says:

    maybe...dustylola = the soft side of ash;
    maybe...ash @ dustylola is Datin F's maid;
    maybe...ash is Datin F's scandal
    Maybe...NM and ash is happily ever after couple;
    Maybe...ash is NM; or
    Maybe...dustylola@Datin F@ash is one of the shareholders..
    Maybe what i say is true..maybe not..
    sori la english campur bahasa tagalog memang cmni..
    tggu ash la tolong ajarkan..

    sekian (bak kata ash)

    ban teros ar NM tu!

  106. I.A.W.I Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Aku mcm lebih tertumpu kepada komen Ash. Hahaha. Kelaka la dia ni. Ash. KEEP IT UP. LOL. Tetibe dia mcm menggelabah? Semua perempuan sama? Adoi... Alaaa mcm mana nak kawen ni? Semua perempuan perangai sama. Takde langsung perempuan baik? Hahahaha.

  107. An apology from the designer would have settled everything. Very unprofessional.

  108. aiyoh..
    typical Malaysian Attitude.. dah jadi sekali tak payah rekemen ... publish jer nama dia.. so be it... threat? ingat negara ni takde undang2? sori emo..

    i would suggest to file a complain at Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia... i had such experience and i won back my money! puas hati...
    take care

  109. zazu Says:

    sorry it took so long for me to post a comment :P

    dear datin, please don't think we're still living in a feudal malay society where people with titles are close to being immortals. must be heartbreaking to you to see such huge support from the "orang kebanyakkan" whom are very much educated as your daughter with impeccable english and knows very much about consumer rights. we are not afraid of you and you're cohorts' bullying tactics.

    an apology and a mental note NOT to repeat the same mistake (i.e. to not underestimate her customers as well as just simply equip herself with better customer service) would've been sufficient. but noo. this has indeed turned into a cyberwar. learn from this mistake, there's a lot of people who are now aware of your misconduct and though they might not comment here, but they are aware of whom NOT TO GO TO in the future.

    ash. i agree with charlene. you're a cockroach that spams the comment section. and you're humiliating us, other malays, by your stupid comments. kalau tak boleh nak comment bende ade substance, atau relevan kat topik perbualan blog; jangan komen lansung boleh?

  110. maRs Says:

    Hee~ Let's not equate that kind of behaviour to be typically Malaysian though. :) Because it's not kan? Typically Malaysian would be to immediately apologize to keep your customers happy. Besides, though I get what you mean, it's not nice to other nice Malaysians to assume this sort of reaction from Ms M and cohorts as typical Malaysian behaviour. :)

  111. feezy Says:

    apa salahnya seorang pelanggan membuat review tentang si penjual. tak kisah la sama ada dari segi produk ataupun layanan penjual kepada pengguna. kalau seorang penjual itu baik layanan nye, maka review kita pun baik la. kalau dah buruk, maka buruk lah review. takkan la layan buruk tapi nak review baik. amboi siapa pulak yang ajar camtu kan.

    so dari review2 tu sendiri la yang boleh si penjual tu improve kan perniagaan dia.yela, yang baik kita jadikan taulan dan yang buruk kita jadikan tauladan. dari situ baru la kita leh maju. takkan orang baru kritik sikit je, dah risau and sampai nak bagi surat layang kepada si pengguna. jangan la berperangai macam budak sekolah lagi. kita semua dah dewasa. apa kata kita jadi positif, ambil review tu sebagai satu inisiatif untuk memajukan diri kita dan perniagaan kita.

    dekat dunia ni, ada je ramai orang yang suka dan tak suka kita. so takkan la kita nak ugut orang yang tak suka kita tu supaya suka kita pulak? eh hello, it doesnt work that way k. nak orang suka, improve la dulu. okay? senang je.

  112. steve Says:

    @zazu I think this is exactly what this incident is all about.

    A simple apology would have ended this whole thing... but a simple apology is a bridge too far... because (I think) this is about a clash of worldviews - Malay feudal society (ie Datuk/Datin-land) who are outraged at the cheek of Miss Aida and her sister for questioning them vrs an increasingly educated and confident middle class who are outraged at crappy service and rudeness, and are not willing to put up with it no matter how many titles or how 'connected' the person is.

    It IS Hang Tuah (blind and unquestioning loyalty to Sultan) vrs Hang Jebat (not willing to overlook murder... um, lets call that truth and justice!) all over again! Take your sides now!!

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. Amy A Says:

    Wow..amazing what this is turning out to be. n yes, i agree with Mars. Please do not say,"it is typical Malaysians" when something is negative. I, for one, am proud to be a Malaysian and Miss NM's behavior has nothing to do with her being a Malaysian. From her blog, it seems that she's trying to be

    I totally agree with the above comments whereby customers are always right. Being a business/accounting student, that was what we're taught in uni.

    Probably Miss NM/Datin F thinks that they dont need us;Datin F did mention that there are other customers paying more. Cant do anything if they dont want to change. I know what I can do though;As a consumer, I wont be choosing NM as my designer. Sounds like she chooses her customers and will only treat her RICH customers well. so yeah, byebye NM.

  115. Li Says:

    oh my god..i stumbled upon this blog tonight & was shocked!i had a debate reunion dinner with ur sister a few weeks ago & didn't know about dis..

    this story must br true cos' khairun is so not the one to make up stories..I know her from debate & she's cool!and NM cancelled on ur sister so many times & to me that is unacceptable!

    thank u for sharing as i will spread the word so that my friends or family members won't go to NM's boutique..

    and that datin wanting to sue you just goes to show how unprofessional some ppl can be!

  116. She's a nice girl, korang je hati busuk. all because of the sister yang bodoh tu misunderstood french word, just like anonymous said. why your sister nak terasa? or.. maybe she is a "whore" herself? Wallahualam..

  117. Anonymous Says:

    With the long thread of comments already, I won't repeat certain things like how there's no case against you and how unprofessional said designer was in handling the matter, however I must note (upon reading and re-reading this post) that the comments you made seems to me to be very carefully thought of, and I could see that there was some amount of restraint used in telling the story, and that should be the way of preparing an honest review. Too many times we see on the internet, people throwing in insults and using derogatory comments against each other, but this was surely carefully crafted despite the frustration and disappointment felt by the author and family. Not only should we support Aida, but her tact should be applauded.

  118. Anonymous Says:

    People like Shahrina and Dustylola have got no substantial comments to backup NM compared to the ones given by the rest of the commentators. No one is jealous (i.e. busuk hati) of anyone here and less people intend to be mean. Try to read the above comments without getting your emotions (or affiliations with NM) in the way. Most of them provide constructive criticism for the said designer because the thread is mostly focused on defending consumer's rights. You're a consumer, I'm a consumer, everyone else is- and all of us know that the last thing we want is to be treated unprofessionally by someone like NM when doing business. Once and for all, put yourself in the victim's shoes. Tell us if you would like it if a seller that you dealt with BLOGS and TWEETS about you in an undesirable manner and delivers BAD service to top it off. If you can honestly say that you enjoy such treatment, then go ahead, be our guest and support NM's business misconduct all you want.

    PS: Banning NM as well.

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. LOL anonymous GOOD now she's a ROCKSTAR in the fashion world, who refuse to kiss ass. cuz that's what ROCKSTARS DO!I'm sure she's smiling from ear to ear to have lovers and haters. If I were her, I'll embrace this moment man, just like Galiano. who wants to be nice in this profession? only badass gets famous! if she chooses her clients, than great! That shows exclusivity not ALL people can just wear her stuff.I don't mind to be those selected people.I'm sure she did try to reach out to the author,but I did tell her to just fuck it.cuz right now,she ROCKS!You guys are actually did her a favor. so guys, thanks a whole lot! much love xx

    ps: thanks Aida for writing kidding ;)

  121. MSc. CCRM Says:


    Shahrina, if she really IS a 'rockstar', then you should endorse the use of her full name, address and name of business in this here blog right? Since this blog IS making her smile ear to ear (as you put it), you should really be telling Aida here to leave no business and professional details to be left out.

    We should all know the full name of this 'no kiss ass' business and who the owner is. We should also spread the word about this 'rockstar' and how she runs her business in 'her world' eh?

  122. Andrea Says:

    If Nisa Mazbar really is a rockstar in the fashion industry (yes, using her real identity here because this makes her smile from ear-to-ear), why would she be bothered to send her little posses to retaliate on this blog? And funny, isn't she P'tite Bourgeoisie on Blogger? I'm referring to the comment deleted right before her posse Shahrina stepped in. Wondering if Shahrina and Nisa Mazbar are the same person?

    Sounds like it.

    Guess self-professed "rockstars" get affected too.

  123. Anonymous Says:

    Guess like she only thinks bout herself too much. when a customer comes in and buying your own design, u should make a 100% effort for the customer no matter a datuk or not. Customer has the 1st priority am i right? Dun get too caught up with a little bit of fame in malaysia because it'll eat her up someday. Malaysia is just a small country and by making name in this industry is only the first step and that is why she has to make every single customer happy. come on rm800 for a tailoring, it must be done correctly n precisely! if not why bother going there right? dun worry too much coz she (NM) should calm herself down n realise a business is entirely getting customers and also after sales is really important.

  124. haha, anonymous, whatever you think it is all an assumption, cuz you never met Nis. and yeess Andrea, if you are an investigator, better change your profession cuz you FAIL.she did wanted to clear things up with this whole Datin thing, cuz she's a nice girl herself, but fuck it la... you cannot please EEEVERYBODY, and being a badass who don't care about shit, is the way to go.cuz that's what all this kind of industry is all about. am i right? or am i absolutely right? keep on hating haters xx

  125. oh ccrm, spread the word? GREAT! thanks a whole lot! peace out xx

  126. and for others,you guys can check out her stuff later in her official website.if some of u guys already malu to face her,can even buy stuff from there.damn good you know.i'm not kidding!

  127. Jake Says:

    This is amazing! How many people in this world who can have this much of attention!amuzing how people can hate someone they've never met. This is too cool to be true! my girl turns out to be Lady Gaga! kudos!

  128. Jake Says:


  129. Whats her face Says:

    Oh please, more like that bimbo heiress paris hilton to me.soon to be forgotten.

  130. Ash Says:

    don't la gaduh-gaduh..i know i'm famous,thank you. apa bimbo-bimbo ni... apa tu. dah la tu shahrina, u are the PR or what? make peace all of you.haihh love is all we need!

  131. Ash Says:

    A'kum kepada A.I.W.I,

    terima kasih, kerana menjadi peminat saya, selama beberapa hari ini. susah payah saya membina reputasi sejak kebelakangan ini, dan hasilnya memang menjadi.Dan ye.memang betul. semua sama. tak ke? tengokla ni. jadi macam anjing kucing. in this case, kucing dengan kucing. tak penah tengok ke kucing gaduh sama sendiri?bising betul! so pasal kahwin, no thank you. at least not with perempuan melayu.perempuan melayu ni i kureng sikit. sebab mereka ni ada pulak masa nak berceloteh disini, walhal banyak kerja lagi boleh dibuat.contohnya melayan suami ke, masak ke.kalau suami tak layan emo isteri, mesti nak merajuk. padahal benda ni takde kena mengena dengan diorang.saje gatal nak join.pastu diri sendiri sakit hati.terus jadi stalker hari-hari.kamu nak ke perempuan begini?cuba minah saleh, relaks je.kalau melayu yang betul-betul cantik, takpe.

    p/s:no offense kepada perempuan sekalian.


  132. Amy A Says:

    Hi Sharina,

    If she is a rockstar and she rocks, why would Datin Faezah post anything up on this page and insist on Aida taking down her blog entry? Also, why would Aida or Khairun do that to Nisa Mazbar?Its not like their business competitors.

    Being a 3rd party, I was on nobody's side. But with what I've read so far and considering the intelligence factor of the 2 sides, I would have to say Aida is probably right.

    I mean,so far, NM's supporters are not giving any substantial comments and arguments. Instead, they call other people stupid. Well missy, calling others stupid doesnt make you right or smarter. You get smarter by learning and reading. You can start by buying "Business for Dummies" at Borders.

  133. Anonymous Says:

    From Shahrina's first post, i knew it was the said designer, ms NM who composed the comment. Or MAYBE i'm wrong. We never know. It's the matter of people's perception. "ROCKSTAR" and even the F word is her favorite tag lines i reckon. It's written all over in her blog, go figure.

    This is why you have to be careful with your words, especially with things that are published on the net. Especially when you are the supposed-rising-star.

    And yes, i was thinking of going to NM at first, hence the homework about her through her blog, Google and even met with those who've taken her service. But i realize now that I'm not at the same level as her so called 'royalties' friends and so on, so now i know who not to go to.

    I admire the way you handle those unconstructive comments, Miss Aida. Everyone is behind you.

  134. Zad Says:

    hahaha!Ash!you've done it again!way to go man!but okla bro..malay girls are not that bad kau minah saleh ke?

  135. haha,anonymous you really are a sore loser. She's the last person I know would swear on anything.I baca blog dia,takde f word pun. and I myself bukan royalty also.there is no problem with that, kawan je dengan stop sulking about that and you lah kena go figure.

    Amy, who the hell is khairun? the sister? your advice cannot be used. you know why?because you already know the author personally.and to think about it, you only heard from one side, not both sides.but who cares.the world need a hater like you.if not, what's good to gossip about right? xx

  136. my opinion is,Nis ada salah dia,Aida and the sister also ada salah dia.if in the first place she wants Nis to change her way of doing things or honestly want to give her advice.she could have gone to her straight and tell her.but even so,its not that you want to hear anything good about her also.its a human point because you've set your mind that she's evil and also maybe to you she portrays that image in her personal blog.i dont know.all i know is both ada salah masing2.and please lah,i know she did apologized.siapa yang evil skarang?

  137. Amy A Says:

    Wow, amazeballs. I JUST SAID I am a THIRD PARTY (as in ORANG LUAR who stumbled upon this blog). I dont know Aida personally and unlike you, I read the comments carefully and calmly. From my observation, the sister's name is Khairun. Duh!

  138. actually read them one by one?amazeballs.

  139. Amy A Says:

    i did actually. its called research so that you can make a great conclusion.

    oh btw, I actually when through Miss NM's blog and website. Nice work she does. Esp with the white engagement dress and the nude wedding gown. However, Khairun's experience is also scary. so.....

  140. Anonymous Says:

    When all else fails, ask the customer.

    So you better close early and often NM.

  141. i don't know what is anonymous problem. maybe she really wants to be NM.who knows? boo you anonymous

  142. Jake Says:

    She really needs to get laid.

  143. 1. Andrea, spot on. P'tite Bourgeoisie (who is NM's account) posted the identical comment as Shahrina (19 April 2011, 13:07). By assumption, they are either the same person or Miss Shahrina is using NM's account.

    2. It's Galliano, not Galiano. And by the way, interesting example considering that he was sacked for the type of comments he was making.

    3. Thank you for the support. Hopefully this is a learning experience for everyone.

  144. empress Says:

    guys, not the first incident. one of my girls went thru the same incident, for the most minute of alterations for a dress bought in nisa mazbars shop. same sequence of events, the delays, the standing ups, the postponement of appointments, the moody sour face when u question her, and ofcourse the ever apologetic mum trying to save some face for her daughters silly behaviour. our gang of girlies have discussed nisa mazbar over one of our afternoon tea session and have decided upon our girls advice to never get anything done with nisa mazbar. so NM, sorry, u just lost 8 more, full-price paying, 20-dresses-to-tailor-a-month group of girls... we have a panel of tailors we regularly go to amongst us, and you are unfortunately not one of them... be sure the word will spread around... my girls n i have been tailoring dresses since we were 2yrs old and one thing we know, desinger fashion thing is spread by word of mouth. so i think u have to watch what u do and say to make it here... sorry but ur not doing it for a lot of ppl, no matter how mighty you might feel. check ur profit n loss statments. im sure the numbers will reflect ur actual "talent"... res ipsa loquitur :) (btw, its not french!)

  145. Kat Says:

    What an awesome random find on the internet!

    I don't know anyone or related to anybody here, but I love internet dramaz.

    This is classic ad hominem attacks, nobody is actually defending or addressing the actual problem stated by Ms Aida.

    Paling best, bila orang start to criticize grammar and language use. As if that has anything to do with the validity of the complaint.

    If Datin and her daughter are serious about being in business, they should stop thinking about suing people left and right because it might cause the unwanted "Streisand Effect" and become negative publicity. If it has not already...


  146. Words of wisdom :

    "When a customer complains, its a fortune, because they care for us and want us to perform better"

  147. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to post on your very informative blog of this alleged unprofessional designer.

    It seems the said designer has not changed and I have heard of similar customer experiences with regards to her behaviour, attitude toward her customers, her outbursts of profanity and insults as well as slander and libel.

    I would like to add to this post as my friend and another person who was recommended have felt victimised because of their experience with the said designer, where your sister's experiences detailed in this blog post are almost identical.

    I wonder if such a person did intern with Elie Saab? Such poor construction, lack of professionalism and only her sketches are good. How can such a "designer" be this bad? Questions that I bet a lot of customers have asked when dealing with this vendor.

    Should my friends have read your blog post beforehand, they would have had second thoughts and not approached her in the first place.

    In other words what miss M would probably say since she is so french, C'est la vie. lol

  148. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like Nisa Mazbar needs a lesson in customer service and some therapy for anger management.

  149. zarina Says:

    i think datin is being protective out of her nature as a mother rather than as a businesswoman, i am not either, but i can understand, so let's cut her some slack, as we have mothers too


  150. Anonymous Says:

    hi aida,

    im a just a blog reader who tried google-ing NM (in thought of recommending her to my BFF), however after reading such nuisance, i must say HELL NO!

    i myself experience all this drama during my WEDDING day and i personally agree with one of the comments that "when a cust complain about u,that shows they care and wants u 2 strive for the better"

    to aida , dont worry u have lotsa people backing u up in this matter. to the unprofessional Datin and Daughter , pls kindly enroll urself to ethics and customer communication sklill courses.


  151. Atas Pagar Says:

    I was just googling about NM and I stumbled upon this page...

    It's a very long time ago, I notice... But I still feel the urge to have a say in the matter (dasar perempuan, nak jugak sebok hal orang !)

    Where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself ? Ah yes...

    I know NM, but not quite close.. Yet, I sense that she does have that rich kids' attitude... However, she's quite nice in person. As long as you dont bitch around her. I dont blame her though, I believe in karma.

    To be fair, I don't quite agree with the writer for publishing this entry quite too one-sidedly, and quite blatantly harsh. What more with erratums like the amount you had to pay etc...

    Yet, I do agree with some commentators, a sincere apology from the said designer would have soften things down too. And as a new comer that she was, I suppose she should have been more down-to-earthly.

    A note on french :

    Putain = Fuck
    Pute = whore/slut/bitch etc².

    I live in France. I know the words.

    Chill, girls. =)

  152. natasha Says:

    nisa mazbar

  153. Anonymous Says:

    Luv her wedding clothes!!! I think Aida's sister had one of her bad days ! AND customers are NOT always right tho! I saw n met her n she 's a wonderful gal! I think u are all tasteless to condemn her for life for one bad experience! Luv her designs and I will recommend her to all my friends! I had a wonderful experience n the clothes I had was beautiful and also bitching about her past is really uncalled for coz it is not anybody's buiness ! Don't be spiteful lah! Not nice at all! Anything so called 'CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM' shud be told upfront to the person n not on blogs for people to see! Aida u need to let go coz ur sis bad experience need not be everybody bad experience! Hard luck to her tho! Like the Malay perpatah"JANGAN BUBOH PASIR KEDALAM PERIOK NASI ORANG" ? correct me if I'm wrong! I am Chinese so not so good in BM! Definetly her design are fantastic n I hv no regrets with her work! All the best to Aida n Nisa!

  154. Anonymous Says:

    heehehhe..sangat kelakar :P

  155. Hi All,

    I stumbled upon this blog while goggling NM's name.

    Really, NM should have just apologized. Simple as that. Really hope sincerely that NM & Datin accept everything with a pinch of salt.

    As much as I laughed reading at the comments above, really, some were emotion driven & really unnecessary.

    End of the day, lets not 'kill' one's ricebowl over a forgivable mistake.

    NM, ppl in this industry label you 'Nisa Mazbi*ch' behind your back for a reason. I really hope you do something about it. I personally don't want to see you fail, so I hope you see this as a lesson.

    And for Aida & your sis: So sorry that you had such a bad experience & 'dugaan' for the engagement. Hopefully the wedding would be a more positive & less dramatic experience.

    Goodluck to both parties & May the force be with you.


  156. Leroy Says:

    Seriously she's succeeding,I don't see why some still tak puas hati. Call her what you want. dengki lah tu. Btw, kalau tak suka, kenapa adik awak tu still pakai baju dia? Tak malu x100.

    p/s: Aida, i know the real you. you're a fugly b*** wth a fugly heart.

  157. I think Aida and sister needs to chill out since both of you obviously cannot understand any French word, and I know the fact that Google Translate is not helping. I know, I speak German. I think Miss M didn't mean to hurt your feelings so stop being so overly dramatic about it. I googled her name and I found good reviews on her. Maybe this post is as old as this one but I'm sure that particular day your sister just had her bad day, and you don't have to be nosy and write bad things about miss m. Cuz you know what Miss Aida? Aren't you afraid of what will happen to you in the future? You're a muslim, you should know better.

    it's clear that your sister's incident happened long time ago when miss m's name isn't as big as now. So whatever it is, don't let your post eat you alive in the end Miss Aida.

    This post i found written from a Bride herself:

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